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Gain an understanding of weight loss with Ruben

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Ruben Meerman is the scientist behind the Bundaberg Region’s health and lifestyle program, Eat, Breath, Move.

Professionals are invited to absorb a new understanding of weight loss and metabolism at one of the Eat, Breathe, Move development workshops with Ruben Meerman.

The professional development workshops are intended for health care and active industry professionals who want to gain a new perspective on how the body works. 

Ruben said participants would learn how the human body gains and loses mass at the atomic and molecular level in an easy-to-understand format. 

“Most people know how to count calories but cannot explain how or where the kilograms go during weight loss,” Ruben said.

“Knowing how the atoms we eat, drink and breathe flow through our bodies unlocks the secret to maintaining a healthy weight, building muscle mass and gaining or losing fat.”

Ruben is the scientist behind the Bundaberg Region’s newest health and lifestyle program, Eat, Breath, Move, which recognises the connection between metabolism, breathing and movement.

Sharing his knowledge with professionals in the field of health and exercise, Ruben hopes there will be a better understanding of what goes in and how it comes out of the human body, when people eat, breath and move.

“The workshops are very much hands-on and start at the very beginning, with atoms,” he said.

“Atoms are the basic building blocks of the body and all the foods we put into them. 

“Participants who found science boring or terrifying at high school will absolutely love this. 

“They will learn the difference between a vitamin and a mineral and find out how calories and kilojoules fit in.

“They'll learn where food atoms go and how they all come back out after they're swallowed.

“By the end, they’ll know what happens to every atom they ingest and inhale.”

Ruben has a decade of knowledge on human biochemistry that he will share with workshop participants.

“This workshop is based on ten years of experience as a guest lecturer in human biochemistry at the University of New South Wales and is definitely aimed at adults,” he said.

“But be prepared to have some fun because there will be liquid nitrogen!

“Everybody with an interest in health and wellbeing is welcome, however, first preference will be given to people who work in these industries.

“If demand is strong, we may repeat the workshops for people who missed out.”

Eat Breathe Move is a Building a Healthy Bundaberg Alliance program funded by Bundaberg Regional Council along with the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport and Health and Wellbeing Queensland under Round 2 of the ActiveKIT program.

Professional Development Workshops

Cost: Free to attend but registration required by clicking here
Where: Bundaberg Multiplex
When: Two workshop – 5.30 pm on Tuesday, 2 May or 11 am on Wednesday, 3 May.
For more information: Visit the Eat Breathe Move project page



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