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Rob dedicated to Hinkler Hall volunteer role

Rob Hinkler Hall
Rob Maxey-Fisher is a dedicated Bundaberg regional Council volunteer at Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

Rob Maxey-Fisher has volunteered at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation for almost 15 years and said it was a role he had a great deal of passion for.

His dedication and commitment to the community, along with other volunteers within the region, will be honoured by Bundaberg Regional Council as part of National Volunteers Week in May.

Rob said being a volunteer and providing his support to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation was something he thoroughly enjoyed, especially considering his background.

“I actually came from a 22-year career in the air force, so aeroplanes have featured in my life since I was a very small boy,” he said.

“When I left the air force I went into teaching, so these two things sort of linked together with my volunteer work.”

Rob said before the Hinkler Hall of Aviation opened he would spend plenty of time at Hinkler House in the Botanic Gardens, admiring the life and achievements of the region's pioneer aviator Bert Hinkler.

“I visited the house as a tourist but when the hall opened and I saw what was going on, I was in like a shot,” he said.

“Had there not been something like this, perhaps I could have found something else to volunteer for, but this has really been ideal for me.

“When I found out about it I thought, wow I know where I am going to spend my weekends!”

Rob said his volunteer role consisted of chatting to visitors about Bert Hinkler's life and what artefacts were featured within the museum.

“I do a meet and greet for people coming in, and spend most of my time in the main part of the hall,” Rob said.

“Quite often people will look at the storyboards or watch the movie, and some of those things leave questions unanswered so I am sometimes able to answer those questions.

“The ladies seem to be more interested in Bert's love life and the gentlemen are interested in the technical things with the aircraft.”

Rob Hinkler Hall
Rob Maxey-Fisher is a dedicated Bundaberg Regional Council volunteer at Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

Rob is one of many Bundaberg Regional Council volunteers who dedicate their time to assist the community.

These volunteers and many more from throughout the region will be acknowledged as part of a special National Volunteers Week morning tea on May 16 at the Bundaberg Multiplex.

Council has sponsored tickets to the morning tea for its volunteers to show appreciation for the support they provide to its facilities and services.

The event is also open to the community for anyone interested in hearing guest speaker Senior Australian of the Year 2022 Valmai Dempsey speak about her incredible volunteering journey to attend and show their appreciation for all of the region’s volunteers.

Council’s volunteer morning tea

When: 10 am to 11.30 am on Tuesday 16 May
Where: Bundaberg Multiplex
Cost: $15 per person for non-Council volunteers – please note ticketing closes Friday 5 May.

Tickets for the Council’s volunteer morning tea are available to purchase here.

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