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Riverfeast to hold Upmarket Upcycle Sale Day

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Riverfeast Events Co-ordinator Lisa Gallwey is busy getting ready for the Upmarket Upcycle Sale Day. Photo: Natasha Harth

Riverfeast is busy getting ready for a massive day of vintage, upcycled and preloved stalls at its first Upmarket Upcycle Sale Day.

Riverfeast Events Co-ordinator Lisa Gallwey said it was a chance for everybody to clean out their wardrobes, and to sell the designer clothes and knickknacks that they’ve collected.

“It's a garage sale on steroids!” she said.

Riverfeast Co-owner Karen Wittkopp said the Upmarket Upcycle Sale Day was a new venture for the venue, which had been focussing on their events and functions business for the past few years.

“Our markets came and went with Riverfeast Friday nights, but we’ve not had a dedicated one like this for people to bring all their worldly goods,” Karen said.

“It's our chance to just go through all of my props and make a plan for moving forward.”

Interest from potential stall holders has already been high, with vintage clothing, furniture, homewares and upcycled lamps among the planned stalls.

Part of the inspiration for holding the sale has been Riverfeast’s own eclectic collection of props that have accumulated over the years, including over 1,200 costumes.

“We are running out of space from lots of different events and things like that, and we are wanting to [get] our space ready for an exciting 2024,” Lisa said.

“It's been really popular (with stall holders), so it might be something we do every six months.”

The sale will include some new items, but mainly focused on upcycling, in keeping with Riverfeast’s ethos to reuse and be creative.

“At Riverfeast, we've always loved to recycle, the whole venue, everything pretty much is recycled and upcycled,” Lisa said.

With pre-loved furniture, hundreds of metres of new fabric, and craft materials to clear out, the sale will include plenty of items buyers can then refurbish and renew with their own creative skills.

Karen and Lisa encouraged buyers to see the potential in pre-loved items.

“Why buy new?” Karen said.

“Let’s get creative!” Lisa added.

Riverfeast Upmarket Upcycle Sale Day will be held on 17 June, 8 am to 2 pm.

Stall holders can book a site for $25 and bookings close 10 June.

Contact Riverfeast for more information.