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Innes Park grateful for Paradise Bakehouse

Paradise Bakehouse Innes Park Huyen Nguyen Lam Khong
Paradise Bakehouse owners Lam Khong and Huyen Nguyen are excited to share their baked goods with the community after opening a store at Innes Park.

Award-winning Paradise Bakehouse owners Huyen Nguyen and Lam Khong have been blown away with support from the local community after opening a second bakery located at Innes Park.

The menu at Paradise Bakery Innes Park has all their favourite pies from Moore Park Beach, including the red curry crocodile, buffalo rum and red wine kangaroo pies, with new additions to come in the future.

Huyen said when they saw the Innes Park bakery site vacant they jumped at the opportunity to expand their popular business in a second coastal community.

“It is much bigger here, more space with a bigger kitchen so we can make more,” she said.

“We do all our baking here on site – long days with Lam starting at 2.30 am each day.”

Huyen said they had been run off their feet with support from both the local community and visitors to the region.

“We are so lucky the community, especially local people really support us.

“They are so friendly and welcoming.

“Our shop Innes Park shop is running really well since we opened.

“It was really nice to have returning customers who normally holiday at the caravan park in Moore Park Beach during winter return and find us here at our new shop in Innes Park, they said it was a nice surprise and I really liked that, it made my day too.”

Paradise Bakery Moore Park Beach opened its doors two years ago and has since won an abundance of national baking awards for its tasty baked goods.

In their initial year of operating Lam and Huyen successfully gained the Great Aussie Pie Competition champion title for the best gourmet pie in Australia with their dancing scallop pie, along with the best gourmet poultry pie for their creamy chicken pie and the best gourmet game pie in Australia for their red curry crocodile pie.

Last year the couple brought home gold for a variety of pies including their chicken mango, lamb rosemary and beef stew, in the same competition.

Huyen said they were still working through some teething problems of operating two bakeries, but they looked forward to adding new flavours in the future.

“It is believed that our paradise burger pie is excitement for the community,” Huyen said.

“It is filled with beef mince … cheese and pickles.”

Expanding with a second store Paradise Bakehouse has also helped employ more locals.

“Currently we have 12 staffs in total, including seven staff in Innes Park,” Huyen said.

“We are also looking for another baker now to help.

“We would love to say thank you everyone, our valued and loyal customers and friends for your kindness and support.

“We look forward to continuing to give the loyal and friendly support to which you have become accustomed.”

Paradise Bakehouse is located at 29 Innes Park Road, Innes Park.

Find them on Facebook here.



  1. Congratulations to Paradise Bakehouse owners Huyen Nguyen and Lam Khong, who started at Moore Park Beach. We miss you guys but are ably looked after by the staff here at MPB.

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