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Parsloe Park upgrade to provide pathways

Parsloe Park
Parsloe Park in Svensson Heights will soon be upgrades to feature more pathways and amenities.

Upgrades to Parsloe Park in Svensson Heights will get underway this month with the enhancements aimed at improving accessibility and overall visitor experience.

The work will be completed under Bundaberg Regional Council's Capital Renewal Program for 2022-2023, which focuses on supporting the recreation needs of the community.

As part of the upgrade, a concrete walking path next to Dr May's Road will be extended.

This extension will connect the pathway seamlessly into the park, stretching all the way to the boundary near Osborn Street.

The new pathway will adhere to accessibility standards, ensuring that visitors of all abilities can enjoy the park's amenities.

In addition to the pathway extension, the park will see upgrades to its shelter and picnic facilities.

The existing shelter, having reached the end of its lifespan, will be replaced with a brand-new shelter in the same location.

Parsloe Park

Furthermore, two new picnic facilities will be installed beneath the new shelter, offering ample seating and picnic options for park-goers.

One of the picnic facilities will be designed to be accessible for individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and equal enjoyment of the park's amenities.

These planned upgrades to Parsloe Park in Svensson Heights demonstrate the Bundaberg Regional Council's commitment to creating inviting and accessible outdoor spaces for the community.

The park is expected to reopen on Friday 30 June, weather permitting.



  1. Can council detail the total cost for the project?
    With a $40,000 budget, the amount of work looks in excess of this amount.

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