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Club dives into action with Council grant

Bundaberg Skindivers Club members Ben Wilson, Brett Gamlin, Tom Walsh, James Rossiter, Tom Stevenson and Patrick Bond test out some of their new equipment thanks to a Council grant. Photo: Jed Phelps

The Bundaberg Skindivers Club has been able to sink some money into new equipment thanks to funding from a Bundaberg Regional Council Community Grant.

The club was awarded $4,000 in October last year and has used the funds to purchase two sets of underwater hockey goals and a club set of PPE equipment including caps with ear protection and mouthguards which attach to a snorkel.

Bundaberg Skindivers Club treasurer Brett Gamlin said it was their first time applying for a grant with Council.

“This grant is a much appreciated boost for the club which up until now has found it extremely difficult to come up with funds to make large purchases like this,” Brett said.

“The goals will replace our old and now disintegrating set of second-hand goals that were passed on to us over three years ago by the Tweed Gold Coast Club when they replaced their goals with new ones.  

“The caps and mouthguards will be available for new players to use when they want to come along to try the sport to see if they like it before committing to joining the club.”

Currently the club plays social underwater hockey in the Norville Park Swimming Pool between October and April, and then moves to the heated ISIS War Memorial Pool in Childers between May and September. 

“The club is extremely excited about moving to the new aquatic centre which, once completed, will include fully marked, competition sized underwater hockey courts which will give another boost to our club by allowing us to begin to host interclub competitions,” Brett said.

Tom Walsh and Patrick Bond test out the new club equipment in the Isis War Memorial Pool. Photo: Jed Phelps

The Bundaberg Skindivers Club was formed in 1960 by a group of local spearfishers and currently has 37 members.

“It is a local diving club whose primary interests are spearfishing and underwater hockey, but we also have members who are into freediving and scuba and we are looking at including more of these interests as well in future club activities as the club currently has a scuba instructor and two freedive instructors as members,” Brett said.

The club is affiliated with the Australian Underwater Federation and became an incorporated association in May 2022.

“To provide members with better insurance and liability protection, and also to lay a foundation to help the club grow into the future, the club became incorporated,” Brett said.

“An additional benefit of becoming incorporated was that the club also became eligible to apply for grants to improve club facilities and provide better services for our members.”

Bundaberg Skindivers Club is always looking for new players and more information on the club, spearfishing and underwater hockey can be found on their website here.

Bundaberg Regional Council's Community Grants assist local community groups or organisations who make positive contributions to the quality of life in the region.

To find out more about Council’s community grants click here.

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