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Dessert then dinner at The Deli

The Deli will be serving up something deliciously different for this year's Taste Bundaberg Festival.

The Deli is offering diners a something a little different as part of this year’s Taste Bundaberg Festival with an eating experience in reverse.

Sweet Before Savoury will see guests sit down to be served their dessert course first, followed by the main meal and then finishing up with starters.

Manager Hayley Anderson said the idea came about when she and Head Chef Ashton Matthews wanted to do something unique for the 2023 festival.

“Ashton suggested we try sweet before savoury,” she said.

“With most meals you have your starter, a big main and your dessert and sometimes you can walk out feeling heavy.

“We are a point of difference and we wanted to incorporate that.

“Why not start a new trend?”

While the exact details of the menu remain a surprise, guests can expect cheesecake with a twist on a local icon, followed by a beef and rice dish and finally some bite-sized tastings from speciality deli boards. 

This isn’t the only offering from the team at The Deli for this year’s festival, they will also be hosting a kombucha cocktails and tasting board experience.

The event will feature four kombucha cocktail flavours carefully crafted from a mix of Bundaberg Ferments, Kalki Moon and Bundaberg Rum.

They will be served alongside a tasting board with a curated selection of The Deli’s best.

Guests can enjoy a selection of Kombucha cocktails created by the team at The Deli.

“This is a little different to what we did last year but we are so excited to bring three well-known companies’ products together,” Hayley said.

“As always you need a little food so we will be serving up canapés on the night which will include cheese, fruit antipasto and of course more relish from our friends at be Rob-Lee-Rose Farm.

“This is our second year as part of Taste Bundaberg Festival and we are super excited.”

For more information on the Taste Bundaberg Festival, click here.

Tickets will be available from 10 July.

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