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Interest sought for aquatic centre management

aquatic centre management
The Bundaberg Regional Aquatic Centre's program pool which features a ramp goin into the water.

The Bundaberg Aquatic Centre will be a state-of-the-art multi-use sports facility unique to the region, leading Council to invite industry experts to express an interest in its management.

The extended tender process will see Bundaberg Regional Council first accept Expressions of Interest for the operation and management of the centre.

Qualified and experienced applicants will then be shortlisted for an Early Tender Involvement process to develop the terms of the management process.

Sport and Recreation portfolio spokesperson Cr Vince Habermann said it was an approach which would ensure the best value and best result for the community.

“The Bundaberg Aquatic Centre is of such a size and such a significant nature to our community that we want to spend the time inviting industry experts to take part in the process,” Cr Habermann said.

“We want to challenge the business model through industry input.

“Consideration needs to be given to things including staffing numbers, the ability to facilitate supervision and really maximising the uptake of the community in regards to memberships and patronage.

“This will not only ensure greater value for money for our community but will also deliver the best possible outcome.”

Cr Habermann said Council was assured there would be no shortage of interest in the management of the Bundaberg Aquatic Centre.

“The Bundaberg Aquatic Centre is so much more than just a pool,” he said.

“This is about making the most of this facility and creating an experience for every member of our community to enjoy.

International competition standard
The new pools within the Bundaberg Aquatic Centre are taking shape, including the FINA standard Olympic-sized pool in addition to the two smaller pools which are focussed on learn-to-swim and rehabilitation opportunities.

“We’re not aware of another facility of this nature in any surrounding regions, the closest comparisons being in South East Queensland and North Queensland.

“Industry leaders in this field are already contacting Council to make enquiries about managing this facility and we know we will have competition in this space.

“The management of this facility will require expert knowledge and experience so to ensure we get it right we need specialised opinion and input throughout the tender process.

“By seeking this input from industry leaders we’re ensuring we’re building the capability of our region.”

He said Council had taken learnings from other leading Queensland Councils which had further reinforced that this approach to ascertaining the management terms of the aquatic centre would be the best way forward.



  1. What about those of us wishing to use it? I’m hoping you don’t price the average citizen out of using it. We have a grave need for self help, rehabilitation and health, but it is mostly out of reach unless you are on disability or elderly.

  2. I’m not sure why this didn’t happen back in the design process before construction started!

  3. @Kathy Boisen

    Hopefully it should be the same or cheaper then the current/former pool offerings larger facility can hold more people swimming.

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