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Doris celebrates 100th birthday

Dorris 100th birthday
Doris Royan celebrated her 100th birthday with her family and fellow residents at BlueCare's Argyle Gardens. Photo: Contributed

Bundaberg local Doris Royan celebrated her 100th birthday last week with a special party at BlueCare’s Argyle Gardens.

The village staff hosted the celebration for Doris, her family and fellow residents which included an impressive birthday cake, flowers and the gift of a personalised penny with her birth date stamped on it.

She also enjoyed a more intimate celebration lunch with her family last Sunday.

Doris was born in Bundaberg on 5 July 1923 as one of nine children.

After staying home to help her mother nurse her brothers back to health after they had served in the war, Doris met her husband Jim and together they ran a cane and dairy farm in Sharon.

Doris was a dedicated member of both the Dorcas Society and the Women’s Guild and after she and Jim retired from farm life and moved to North Bundaberg, she enjoyed gardening and even had her own fernery.

Doris’ niece Shirly Rendall said she made the move to Argyle Gardens following the 2013 floods.

“My uncle passed away thirty years ago due to ill health and Doris lived in their house over North,” Shirly said.

“In 2013 her house flooded.

“She went to bed and woke up with water everywhere, guys in boats had to go rescue her.

“She was helicoptered to me a few days later on this side of the river.

“It was all fixed but she lived with me fore a while because she didn’t feel safe going back and so she decided to go to Arglye not thinking she’d still be there ten years later!”

Argyle Garden staff celebrated Doris' 100 birthday with a party and a special cake. Photo: Contributed

Shirly visits her aunt three times a week for a catch up and said she still looks after some of the ferns from her fernery and enjoys watching tennis, football and cricket.

“She’s a big Broncos supporter,” Shirly said.

“We normally have a cup of tea and a bickie and talk about how our weeks have been.

“I’ve got two granddaughters, so I keep her updated on family stuff and the gossip!”

When asked how best to describe her aunt, Shirly had one word.

“Stubborn,” she laughed.

“But she’s the kind of lady who would help anybody.

“If you need it she’d always be there to give you a hand.”

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