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Eat, Breathe, Move raises community awareness

Eat, Breathe, Move raises community awareness
Surfing Scientist, Ruben Meerman and Bundaberg Regional Council recently delivered the busiest quarter of the Eat, Breathe, Move project.

The Surfing Scientist Ruben Meerman and Bundaberg Regional Council recently delivered the busiest quarter of the Eat, Breathe, Move project raising community health awareness.

During the project Ruben shared the concept of “carbon in, carbon out”, exploring the connection between metabolism, breathing and movement through several exciting initiatives.

The Big Fat Myths public lectures given by Ruben and held in Bundaberg and Gin Gin were well received with over 500 attendees enjoying the sessions.

Also popular was the Taste Festival Farmers Markets Eat, Breathe, Move stall and presentation.

A CO2 Diet panel discussion featuring the surfing scientist and local health professionals gave surprising lessons in health and nutrition from the Intensive Care Unit.

Ruben also facilitated workshops, professional development sessions and school visits sharing the Eat, Breathe, Move message.

Ruben said there was a fabulous response to the program.

“One of many examples was a lady and her husband who pulled me up on Bourbong Street and told me about the positive changes they’ve been making to their lifestyle,” Ruben said.

 “It’s incredibly rewarding hearing that my message resonated so clearly with them.

“Bundaberg is the first place on Earth where people are learning what actually happens to food after you swallow it.

“Food is made of atoms and almost all the atoms in your macronutrients turn into carbon dioxide and water.

“I’ve noticed that this simple fact makes people think about food differently.

“We've been told to eat more fruit and vegetables and get more exercise for decades.

“Now people are starting to understand why.

“I’m very proud of this.”

To encourage movement, Skills and Drills events facilitated by regional sporting clubs and the active industry were a popular school holiday activity introducing children to a variety of physical activities and sports.

Walking group sessions promoted through the well-established Be Active Be Alive program, also utilised an existing 10,000 Steps signed pathway for this project.

“This is only just the beginning,” Ruben said.

“I want Bundaberg to be the healthiest city, with the highest levels of health literacy in the world.

“You don’t have to be rich to lead a healthy lifestyle, you just need to know how your body works and what food is made of – atoms.

“Knowledge is power and understanding your body puts you in control over your own health.”

Eat, Breathe, Move is an initiative of the Building a Healthy Bundaberg Alliance and its supporting members.

The project is funded by the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport and Health and Wellbeing Queensland under Round 2 of the ActiveKIT program.



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