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July roads and drainage update

July roads and drainage update
Botanic Garden visitors will notice the pavement renewal is taking shape with the project likely to be completed at the end of the month.

Road and drainage works across the Bundaberg Region were in full swing during July, with kerb replacement, reconstruction projects and footpath maintenance taking place.

Botanic Gardens visitors will notice the pavement renewal is taking shape with the project likely to be completed at the end of the month.

Both Hummock Road upgrade and the Caruana culvert renewal refuge upgrade are tracking along and also expected to be completed by the end of August.

July roads and drainage summary

A range of other minor and maintenance works were also completed, including:


Drain spraying

  • Samuels Road – Removal of overhanging tree branches
  • Wyllie Street – Off roads drain/easement
  • Atlantis Boulevard – Spoon drains silt removal
  • Yates Court – Retention system
  • Coastal Bargara area

Drain cleaning

  • Davidson Street, Bargara
  • Targo Street, Bundaberg
  • Jealous Road, Kalkie
  • Seaview Road, Qunaba
  • Robina Drive, Avoca
  • Riverview Road, Elliott Heads
  • Chancellor Drive, Avenell Heights
  • Tomato Island Road, Branyan


  • Coral Cove Drive, Coral Cove
  • Bargara Road, Bargara
  • Starfish Crescent, Bargara
  • Pacific Boulevard, Moore Park Beach
  • Walker Street, Bundaberg South

Maintenance works

Roadside spraying program:

  • Burnett Heads / Rubyanna area

Kerb replacement:

  • Hilltop Avenue, Qunaba
  • Priebe Street, Kalkie
  • Camplin Court, Branyan
  • Powers Street, Bundaberg West

Maintenance patching:

  • Local roads patching repairs and other services within council

Stormwater pit repairs/replacement:

  • Bargara Road, Bargara
  • Mokera Street, Coral Cove
  • Thabeban Street, Norville

Minor works – Repair / Replace Head walls:

  • Heales Road, Meadowvale
  • Fairymead Road, Bundaberg North
  • Gooburrum Road, Gooburrum
  • Hollands Road, Meadowvale

Grading works completed:

  • Peagams Road, Elliott
  • Walkers Road, South Bingera
  • Bingera Weir Road, South Bingera
  • Chadwicks Road, Elliott
  • Herbeners Road, Elliott
  • Tysons Road, South Bingera
  • Nicholl Road, Branyan
  • Nolans Pocket Road, South Kolan
  • Lymers Road, South Kolan
  • Butterfly Lane, South Kolan
  • Church Road, South Kolan
  • Harveys Road, South Kolan
  • Whalleys Road, South Kolan
  • Fensens Road, South Kolan
  • Allan Schmidt Road, South Kolan
  • Butlers Road, South Kolan
  • Fallons Road, Calavos

Line Marking

• Line Marking completed on all the recently completed bitumen resurfacing projects.


Maintenance works

  • Bunns Road – visibility clearing
  • Acacia Street culvert repair
  • Lions Drive footpath maintenance


  • Howards Road Apple Tree Creek
  • Railway road Booyal
  • Everetts Road and Nissens Lane Childers
  • Peagams Road Elliott
  • Guppys Road and Rendalls Road Eurela
  • Sawmill Road, Hutchins Road, Wyatts Road, Broome Road, and Agnesvale Road Pine Creek
  • Rainbows Road South Isis

Area Construction:

  • Footpath construction Woodgate Esplanade
  • Jackson and Laceys Road intersection upgrade
  • Church Street Road construction

Gin Gin

Area maintenance

Drainage Repairs

  • River Road, Wallaville Goondoon Road Bungadoo
  • Clarkes Road Delan
  • McIlwraith Road and Uping Road

Road Grading Gin Gin and Surrounds

  • Cambria Flats Road, Ellimatta Road, Leathers Road, Tunnel Road Boolboonda
  • Back Creek Road, Gayndah Road, Kalliwa Road, Rangers Road, River Road, Tobin Road Good Night
  • Bellbooth Road, Diamond Hill Road, Langdons Road Monduran
  • Goodnight Scrub Road Morganville
  • Hilltop Road, New Lea Road, Walters Road New Moonta
  • Tindels Road Waterloo
  • Chavasse Drive, Morris Road, Sawpit Road, Wonbah Avenue, Wonbah Road Wonbah
  • Lower Waterloo Road Yandaran

Gin Gin Area Construction

  • Tindels Road Culvert Replacement

Bridge works

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