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On the greens: latest bowls results

Bundaberg Bowls
Find out all the latest bowls results from around the region.

Check out the latest bowls results and news from on the greens of clubs right around the Bundaberg Region.

Bundaberg Bowls Notes

Winners Tuesday 22nd August: T Salau B Barry R Brown. Runners Up: B Bury R Nikora L Mason.

Sports Persons: S Hucker J Scougall.

Sponsored Day Hinkler Podiatry Thursday 24 August Winners  Samson Green: V Mallett T Brigdon P Stokes

Runners UP: M Stumbles L Beale M Nicol. Sports Persons J Aulfrey R Poelstra K Innes.

Winners Foundation Green: J Clough B Fryer B Sechtig. Runners Up: G Ferguson D  Jones M Jeffs. 

Sports Persons: Gail Joy Peter.

Saturday 26 August social Winners:  V Stewart N Appleby T Lear.

Selectors  Tuesday 29 August: S & R Ribbans Thursday 31 August. A Salau G Mallett. Saturday  2 September. V Schmidt.

Coming Events

28 August: Cards Afternoon 12.30 pm. 

29 August Sponsored day Takalvans. 

30 August Barry Hofstetter Funeral 10.30 Des Allen 12.30 Bundaberg Bowls Club.

Thursday 31 August Social 1 pm.

Saturday 2 September Social 1 pm.

Bargara Bowls Notes

Sunday 20 August – Men’s “A” 2 Bowl Triples – Round 3 B. McInally, R. Alder & G. McGrail d M. Attwood, Alex Baigrie & B. Payne; G. & C. Gallagher & W. Barnett d G. McCormick, G. McCarthy & C. Hippisley; V. Sauer, J. Andrew & W. Baxter d Jim See, John See & D. Mullens; G. Cahill, C. Watt & B. Dilg d K. Cook, J. Jardine & K.Mayes. Semi Finals will be played when J. & C. Fehlberg return from the World Championships.

Monday 21 August – Turkey Pairs – Winners B. Gill & P. Barker; runners up M. Winter & G. Hutchinson. Winners of 1st Game K. Davern & K. Mason; runners up C. Groszman & R. Heness. Winners of 2nd Game M. Richardson & J. Read; runners up K. & K. Cook. Encouragement Award M. Dillon & T. Carroll.

Tuesday 22 August – Ladies Social Bowls Winners G. Harrison, P. Morgan, K. Almond & K. Mason; runners up T. Heath, M. Stauffer, T. Chippendale & J. Nowell; Sportsman’s C. McNielly, K. Davern & V. Reitzenstein.

Wednesday 23 August – Turkey Pairs – Winners T. Fauser & D. Brady; runners up G. Collins & M. Troughton. Winners of First Game A. Poke & K. Dann; runners up K. & G. Gallagher. Winners of Second Game S. Bianchi & B. McDermott; runners up J. Andrew & W. Baxter. Encouragement Award B. & D. Reeves.

Thursday 24 August – Men’s Triples – Winners D. Ivins, L. Moloney & D. Worner; B. Jones, D. Pye & D. Both; G. McCormick & S. Wild; B. Kirkland, P. May & A. Cochrane. Sportsman’s R. Price, J. Nowell & A. Poke; B. Seffelt, T. Kellop & P. Hunter; T. Teare, P. Sexton & T. Chapman; J. Mathews, P. Kuckarski & B. McDermott.

Saturday 26 August – Men’s Pennant Results Div 1. BYE; Div 2. Bargara d Burnett; Div 3. Isis d  Bargara; Div 4. Bargara d Burnett; Div 5. Bargara d A.T.W. Possibility of all Divisions in the Grand Finals. Jack Attack Winners T. O’Brihien & G. Radcliffe; Sportsman’s P. Rae & L. McCarthy.

Sunday 27 August – Super Sunday – Winners A. Adam, D. Ivins & L. Adams; J. Cannon, S. Biachi & Judy Nowell; G. Dunn, F. Brotherton & W. Faulkner; V. Kohn, W. McNamara & N. McNamara. Sportsman’s B. Ross, K. Hiley & R. Watt; A. Grills, I. Johnson & R. Salmon; H. Stauffer, S. Larsen & M. Stauffer; G. Roberts, T. Teare & P. Sexton.

Coming Events

Monday Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends. 12.30pm Start.

Tuesday –  Ladies’ Pennants Div 2 Bargara v Elliott Home; Div 3 Bargara v ATW at Home. 10 am Start. Ladies Social Bowls 12.30pm Start .

Wednesday  – Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends.12.30 pm Start.

Thursday – Men’s Triples 12.30 pm Start. Nominations for the “A” & “B” Pairs close at 5pm. “B” Singles Open today.

Friday – – Ladies Pennants Div 2 Bargara v Elliott Heads at Elliott Heads; Div 3 Bargara v ATW at ATW.

Saturday – Men’s Pennants Divisions 1, 2 & 3. into the Grand Finals on the 9th Sept. Div 4. Round 6 Bargara v Bundaberg at Bundaberg , Div 5. Round 6 Bargara v Elliott Heads at Home. Bargara will host the Preliminary Finals on Saturday Div1 Burnett v Woodgate; Div2 ATW v Bundaberg , Div3 Isis v Burnett. Jack Attack cancelled this week.

Sunday – Mixed Fours Semi-Final K. Gallagher, H. Stewart, C. Gallagher & G. Gallagher v S. Davies, B. Heness, B. O’Neil & D. Franklin. 1 pm Start.

Across the Waves Bowls Results

Wednesday 23 August –

Winners – R.Davey & T.Van Leeuwen

1st Runners-Up – A.Shaw & P.Stokes

2nd Runners-Up – G.Finsen & B.Frost

Sportsmen – G.Crutchett & L.Murphy

Friday 25 August –

Winners – C.De Vries, M.Whitworth, F.De Bono, K.Frawley

Runners-Up – P.& P.May

Sportsmen – R.Berry, D.Killen, R.Higgins, V.Jarvis

Saturday 26 August –

Winners – Fino & Jakey

Sunday 27 August President Keith's Day –

Winners – Woodgate Team

Runners-Up – C.Bourke, K.Mason, S.Mason, K.Galvin

Sportsmen – Givo, B.Pownell, B.Naumann, K.Jobling

Coming Events

$800 MONEY DAY Thursday 7 September sponsored by Alliance Pharmacy & Christensen Industries –

Phone Brian on 0435 559 249 or Lyn on 0402 302 091 by Tuesday 5th September to get your triples team in.

$4500 MIXED TRIPLES GALA DAY Saturday 16 September –

Limited spaces available.  Phone Lyn Murphy on 0402 302 091 for details.

There will be no ladies money day in September.

Woodgate Bowls Results

Tuesday 22 August –
Ladies Day with two very exciting games in the Ladies Open Consistency: Meredith Taylor had a win over Gail Lenz.
Fiona Dowling had a win over Jacquie Rogerson.

Wednesday 23 August –
Winning Rink Draw:
Rink 3: Les Roche, Paul Royan, Dave Mollison

Runners Up:
Rink 5: Doug Muir, Geoff Haynes, Ian Kirby

Rink 14: Richard Snelling, Mike Wensley, Bob Winzar

The jackpot went off today, six lucky men shared in the spoils!
Rink 7: John Stephens, Bill Jenkins, Ron Witton, David, Deano, Brian Arnold

Thursday 24 August –
Billy’s Day, always a fantastic friendly day out!
Today we had a game in the Open Mixed Fours Championship to add to the excitement!
Team Royan played Team Madsen, team Royan taking the win.
Team Royan: Lesley Christensen, Jacquie Rogerson, Trevor Christensen, Robbie Royan

Team Madsen: Trish Jensen, Col Ensby, Doreen Ensby, Greg Madsen

Winning Rink Draw:
Rink 10: Competition Game: Lesley Christensen, Jacquie Rogerson, Trevor Christensen, Robbie Royan

Runners Up:
Rink 2: Roger Plowman, Rob Anderson, Maurie Houchman

Rink 6: Wayne Stanley, Brian Thorpe

Friday 25 August –
Another game in the Open Mixed Fours played today between Team Cornish and Team Henderson.
A win to team Cornish played in near perfect conditions.
Team Cornish: Hazel Cornish, Fiona Dowling, Oyster Dowling, Brian Cornish

Team Henderson: Karen Henderson, Gloria Newby, Wayne Reis, Ray Henderson

Saturday 26 August –
Jackpot pairs with games in the Division one Men’s Pennant against Brothers, and the final of the Ladies B grade Singles between Rhonda Byrnes and Lesley Christensen.
Rhonda taking the win over Lesley.
The Mens Pennant resulted in a win to Woodgate two rinks to one.
Winning Rink Draw:
Rink 14 – Competition game: Rhonda Byrnes and Robyn Bishop (marker)

Runners Up:
Rink 5: R. Dace, G. Dace.

Sunday 27 August
Sunday Paddle Pop Triples, having said that we had two rinks of pairs and they both won money!
Winning Rink Draw:
Rink 14: Robyn Bishop, Barry Fry

Runners Up:
Rink 15: Robyn Smith, Doreen Ensby

Rink 15: Greg Ticehurst, John Gooch, Graham Dace