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Childers Junior Rugby League wins defibrillator

Heart 180 defibrillator Childers Junior Rugby League
Childers Junior Rugby League won a Heart 180 defibrillator from Council. Sheree and Abby Jewess Casey, Jet and Billy Edwards received the new defibrillator from Mayor Jack Dempsey.

Childers Junior Rugby League has won a Heart 180 defibrillator through a Bundaberg Regional Council competition launched following its recent business breakfast.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said the Heart 180 defibrillator competition launched at the July Bundaberg Business Breakfast which featured renowned professional athlete, Iron Man and ‘Survivor’ television series winner Guy Leech as guest speaker.

“This was an inspiring presentation that really brought home the importance of having access to this lifesaving tool,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Council purchased the defibrillator to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of first aid within the community and give a local group the opportunity to secure one at no cost.

“We would love to see the region become a leading defibrillator area within the state.”

A total of 20 worthy organisations and groups expressed interest in the competition.

Childers Junior Rugby League’s expression of interest was outstanding as the defibrillator would be available not only for players, family and spectators at their games, but also other clubs and groups that use the Childers Showgrounds.

The Childers Junior Rugby League comprises seven teams with 92 registered junior players and 23 registered volunteers.

Casey Edwards the secretary of the club said they entered the competition to increase safety for their members and families.

“Winning the defibrillator ensures the club is better prepared to respond quickly and effectively to a cardiac emergency,” she said.

“Having a defibrillator will also benefit the broader community surrounding the club at the showgrounds.

“This can be seen as a positive contribution to the safety and well-being of the local Childers community.

Guy’s mission for Heart 180

Heart 180 was established by Guy Leech following a lifechanging event in 2016 where one of his best mates ‘Chucky’ collapsed after one of their training sessions.

Unfortunately, Chucky never recovered and passed away in hospital a week later.

This left Guy wondering if the outcome would have been different if he had access to a defibrillator.

Guy’s mission is to help people become Heart Smart by making defibrillators available, and train people to use them confidently in the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Heart 180 defibrillator competition

Guy said he was thrilled to hear that Childers Junior Rugby League had won the competition.

 “I’m excited to see another sporting club protecting their members and the community with one of our defibrillators,” he said.

“Well done to the Bundaberg Council for your efforts in making this happen.”