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On the greens: latest bowls results

Bundaberg Bowls
On the greens: latest bowls results
Find out all the latest bowls results from around the region.

Check out the latest bowls results and news from on the greens of clubs right around the Bundaberg Region.

Bundaberg Bowls Results

Tuesday 5 September Sponsored  by Rudy`s Pest Control & (Carpet Cleaning)
Winners Samson Green: V Mallett R Savage P Stokes. Runner UP: N Nunn A Roylance  C Fragrome.
Sports Persons: G Ferguson A Buxton M Jeffs.

Winners Foundation Green: G Job R Nikora D Harding. Runners Up: R Hoiburg A Adams A Grills.
Sports Persons: S Ribbans R Sydenham R Ribbans.

Thursday 7 September Winners: G Finsen R Sydenham R Ribbans. Runners Up: J Caesar H McKinnon V Schmidt. Sports Persons: V Green K Innes A Jones.

Saturday 9 September Winners: L Quinn J Moore  J Jacobsen. Sports Persons: G Finsen Jean Moore V Schmidt.

Selectors Tuesday 12 September: S & R Ribbans. Thursday 14  September J Clough R Nikora.

Saturday 16 September: V Schmidt.

Comp Results: Mixed Pairs
S Sparke G Purches Def J & H Cappetta. A & T Salau Def J & L Scougall.

Coming Events

Mixed Pairs & Mixed Fours can be played when it suits. Sooner the better.

Sunday 17 September Visit to Bargara 12.30 pm names on sheet at the Club Please.

Tuesday 19  September Bom Meeting everyone Welcome 10.30 am. 1pm. Paddle Pop draw.

Saturday 30 September Sponsored day Bundaberg Marineland $800 mixed fours 1 pm. List on table for teams.

List for names wishing to play Anderson shield on Saturday 7 and 8 October for selection.

Thanks to members who assisted with Barefoot Bowls on Saturday morning.

Bargara Bowls Results

Monday 4 September – Turkey Pairs – Winners J. & D. Hayden; runners up B. Gill & P. Barker. Winners of 1st Game B. Heness & G. McCarthy; runners up K. & G. Gallagher. Winners of 2nd Game T. Heath & P. Sexton; runners up V. & J. Reitzenstein. Encouragement Award A. Grills & W. Heath.

Tuesday 5 September – Ladies Pennants – Div 2 Bargara d B’berg at Bargara; Div 3 Blue Bargara d Brothers at Bargara. 7 Sept Div 2 Bargara d B’berg at B’berg; Div 3 Blue Bargara d Brothers at Brothers.

Wednesday 6 September – Turkey Pairs – Winners J. Andrew & W. Baxter; runners up L. Rose & K. Dann. Winners of First Game G. Collins & M. Troughton; Winners of Second Game D. Stevenson & T. Stewart.

Thursday 7 September – Men’s Triples – Winners J. Hayden & R. Russell; T. Teare, C. Hippisley & P. Sexton; J. Mathews, R. Klumpp & B. Ress, S. Burnell-Jones, F. Plant & B. Dunn. Sportsman’s R. Monk, T. O’Hagan & K. Cook; M. Dillon, R. Heness & T. Carroll; G. Gallagher, T. Chapman & B. Dilg; W. Heath & S. Larsen.

Saturday 9 September – Men’s Pennant Results Finals Div 1. Bargara d Burnett; Div 2. A.T.W. d Bargara; Div 3. Bargara d Burnett; Div 4. Burnett d Bargara; Div 5. Bargara d A.T.W. Well done Bargara 3 out of 5. Bargara Div 1 travel to the Zone Final at Yepoon next weekend.

Sunday 10 September Men’s A & B Pairs – G. Miles & A. Powell d M. Attwood & B. McDermott; R. Murdaca & G. Hutchinson d B. Gill & P. Barker; A. Poke & C. Gallagher d J. Hayden & R. Russell; C. Hippisley & J. Andrew d T. Chapman & B. Burgess. Round 2 S. Davies & D. Mullens d S. Gray & B. O’Neill.

Coming Events

Monday Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends. 12.30 pm Start.

Tuesday –  Ladies’ Pennants Div 1 Bargara v A.T.W 10 am Start; Div 2 Bargara v Moore Park 9 am Start and Div 3 Blue Bargara v Burnett 10 am Start. Ladies Social Bowls 1 pm Start .

Wednesday  – Bargara v Ipswich Veterans 1 pm Start.

Thursday – Men’s Triples 1 pm Start.

Friday – Ladies Pennants Div 1 Return Match at A.T.W. Div 2 at Moore Park and Div 3 Blue at Burnett.

Saturday – A & B Pairs Round 2. 12.30 pm Start. Jack Attack Open Pairs 4 games of 5 ends. 1.30 pm Start.

Sunday – Bundaberg/Bargara Friendship Day Open Triples 1 pm Start.

Across the Waves Bowls Results

Wednesday 6 September
Winners – M.Turner & J.Jacobson
Sportsmen – B.Edgerton & B.Koorneef

Thursday 7 September
$800 Day sponsored by Alliance Pharmacy & Christensen Industries
1st Green Winners – V.Jarvis, N.Jarvis & D.Jensen
1st Runners-Up – T.Spiers, A.Schumer, D.Pye
2nd Runners-Up – K.Mason, Nev & Chippy
Sportsmen – Jakie, Noel & A.Grills

2nd Green Winners – C.Smith, F.De Bono & L.Robinson
1st Runners-Up – B.Parker, C.Suzor & G.Lock
2nd Runners-Up – J.Mizzi, K.Dodds & Crutchy
Sportsmen – Mark, Greg & Spud

Friday 8 September
Winners – B.Gelhaar & J.Wakefield

Saturday 9 September
Congratulations to our men's pennants teams who reached the finals played at Woodgate. Winners Div.2 – ATW. Runners-Up Div.5 – ATW. Good to see a big turnout of supporters from our Club there.

Coming Events

$4500 Mixed Triples Gala Day Saturday 16 September
Please be at the Bowls Club by 8.30 am at the latest.

Coach Trip to Monto Saturday 23 September
Put your name on the list by this week if you intend going so Keith can book the coach.

Bowls Burnett Men

Social Bowls Results

Tuesday Winners: Wazza, Greg Cole 1st Runner Up Eric Mulley, Bud Farlow, Dennis. Sportspeople: Alan Denman, Dave Rye

Thursday Afternoon Winners: Dave Carson, Tracey Rye

Thursday Night Barefoot Bowls: Winners: Kemal, Snake

Pick the Joker was won.

Normal Thursday night bowls will continue next week with the Pick the Joker Jackpot starting at $31+
Thank you to DNA Property Consultants for their continued sponsorship.

Friday Winners: Sue Barritt, Janelle Franks
Sportspeople: K Langkowski, Yogi

Jackpot next week $150

Saturday Social: N/R


Burnett fielded 3 Divisions in the pennant grand finals played at Woodgate on Saturday.

Our division 4 side who had performed strongly throughout the season, were rewarded with the Division Pennant defeating Bargara 41-31.

Congratulations to all who played in that side.

Division 1 Bargara 58 d Burnett 50

Division 3 Bargara 69 d Burnett 57

Thanks to all players who participated or made themselves available throughout the Pennant Season.


All members are asked to check the draws and continue to arrange games by mutual agreement.

Social Bowls Events

Visitors are most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the Club on 41514217 during opening hours. If you cannot get through to the club number regarding bowls, then phone 0401341378 or 0466539441.

Tuesday: $300 Open Triples 1 pm start. President has requested club uniform please. Burnett will be hosting 36 visiting bowlers from Ipswich.

Wednesday: Scroungers Singles – this is a fun game of Singles similar to consistency singles where points are allocated to the 4 closest bowls to the jack. Games are played over 12 ends with no driving allowed. Names in by 6.15 pm with games starting at 6.30 pm. Green fees are $10 with 50 percent of the green fees being returned as prize money. All ability levels are welcome so come along for a fun night out.

Thursday: Social Thursday Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed). Names in by 2.15 pm as games will commence at 2.30 pm. Play till 4.30 pm with 2 random lucky draws as prizes.

Thursday: Night Bowls – bowls start at 6.30 pm, names in by 6 pm. Bowl under lights and enjoy a fun filled night with a chance at the Pick the Joker Jackpot which will be $164+ this week. Visitors and those that want to try bowls for the first time will be made to feel very welcome.

Friday: Open Pairs – Men’s, Ladies, Mixed. Names in by 12 pm, green fees paid by 12.45 pm for a 1 pm start. The Friday Jackpot will be $90.

Saturday: Social play – Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Juniors, Mixed). Names in by 12 pm, green fees paid by 12.45 pm for a 1 pm start.

Coming Events and Club News

Club opening hours are – Monday (Club closed), Tuesday 10a m – 5.30 pm, Wednesday 11 am – 9 pm, Thursday 2 pm – 9 pm, Friday 10 am – 9 pm, Saturday 10 am – 9 pm (10 pm for Functions) Sunday Bowls Days 9 am – 2 pm.

The Goose Club raffle will be drawn on Friday night at 7 pm. The Member’s Draw was not won last week and will now be $150, so come along, have a meal and a few drinks with the chance to win some great cash and prizes.

Live entertainment for this Friday night will be by Deep Blue and the following Friday, live music will be delivered by Old Habbits. Members, Guests, and Visitors are always welcome.

Woodgate Bowls Results

Tuesday 5 September
Winning Rink Draw Rink five: Wendy Moore, Judy Stanley, Donna Smith
The jackpot didn’t go off so still up for grabs next week.

Wednesday 6 September
Mens Day Winning Rink Draw. Rink 17: Wayne Stanley, Col Ensby, Bob Winzar
Runners Up Rink 12: Paul Royan, Dave Mollison
Encouragement Rink 14: Richard Snelling, Gordon Ibbertson, Morrie Strano

Thursday 7 September
Billy’s Day – Another good fun day out for we social paddle pop draw triples players, unlike the competition Mixed Fours who had a very hard game that came down to the last couple of ends.

Team Strano: Dennis Smith, Lorelle Mattson, Donna Smith, Maurie Strano
Had a win over
Team Hannah: Raeleen Cahill, Dean Kulbars, Linda Hannah, Robbie Hannah

Rink Draw Winners Rink 2: Joy Banning, Oyster Dowling

Runners Up Rink 3: Lyal Brettell, Robbie Byrnes

Saturday 9 September
Finals of the Men’s Pennant Competition, five divisions, one , three and five won by Bargara, second place ATW and fourth place Burnett.
Some amazing games, some great fight backs, some fabulous bowls bowled.
Congratulations to all teams, you did yourself proud being up there today.
A day of tight competition played on our fantastic greens, heard lots of compliments about our greens, a few notes of envy there as well.
Well done Aaron Diamond, you prepared and presented our greens to perfection.A pat on the back for our volunteers who look after the surrounds, the whole area looked amazing.

Winners Division One: Bargara – K. Bayntun, G. Hutchinson, M. Tonkin, W. Barnett, G. Cahill, J. Fehlberg, K. Mayes, C. Fehlberg, G. Gallagher, C. Gallagher, John See, D. Mullens

Division Two Winners: Across The Waves – D.Jones, P. Bevin, R. Machin, C. Engstrom, J. Killen, B. Pownell, K. Jobling, B. Frawley, F. Berry, T. Barnes, B. Frost, T. Anderson

Division Three Winners: Bargara – R. Murdaca, K. Hammond, V. Sauer, W. Baxter, G. Miles, D. Jankovic, C. Hippisley, P.Sexton, D. Fielding, D. Raggatt, A. Poke, K. Dann

Division Four Winners: Burnett – J. Hall, M. Long, R. Hussey, D. Bust, W. Downey, K. Melham, G. Hayes, T. Baker

Division Five Winners: Bargara – A. Baigrie, M. Atwood, P. Barker, L. Poulsen, L. Moloney, A. Armomd, A. Grills, M. Cullen

Sunday 10 September
Presidents Day: A lovely day out on our greens today for our President Wayne’s Day.
Teams from all over the district came to join in the fun, a bit of a sneaky wind but that didn’t stop us enjoying an afternoon of fun and fellowship.
Wayne welcomed the District Association President John Kemp and his team to Woodgate and believe it or not they cleaned up a rink draw.

Winning Rink Draw Rink 9: J. Claughton, A. Roylance, R. Ribbons, J. Kemp

Runners Up Rink 12: Bargara – A. Adam, R. Halberg, B.McCarthy, G. Gallagher

Second Runners Up Rink 3: Brothers – J. Farmer, C. Willoughby, L.McIntyre, W. Seawright

Encouragement Rink 1: Judy Stanley, Jacquie Rogerson, Bill Jenkins, Brian Cornish

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