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Calling contractors: help build Moore Park Beach

build Moore Park Beach
Community members representing groups including Moore Park Beach Community Association, Moore Park Beach Arts Inc and Moore Park Beach Mens Shed joined divisional representative Cr Jason Bartels to call on contractors to apply for the tender to build the Moore Park Beach Community Hub.

Moore Park Beach residents have made an impassioned plea for contractors to apply to build the first stage of the area’s masterplan after initial tenders were unsuccessful.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s exciting vision for the area was revealed in November 2020 following extensive community consultation.

The vibrant community about 20 minutes from the Bundaberg CBD is well-known for its inviting atmosphere, with pristine beaches and an established natural setting.

The masterplan aims to highlight these attractions while providing improved facilities from a new community hub to a beach activity area, all-abilities adventure park and a community deck.

Bundaberg Regional Council has not only funded initial works but has also secured support from the State Government through the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program.

Tenders were first released in 2022 with the significant project to build community facilities which include:

  • Moore Park Beach Mens Shed, to be used for a variety of trade-based activities.
  • Moore Park Beach Community Hub building which will be the base for Moore Park Beach Arts Inc and also available for hire by Moore Park Beach-based community organisations. It will provide a more robust activity space and increase opportunities for these organisations that are not able to function out of the existing timber floored community hall.
  • Community storage sheds will be utilised by groups including Moore Park Beach Scouts, Moore Park Beach Men’s Shed and the Moore Park Beach Arts Inc.
  • Space will also be created for a second hand shop for the Moore Park Beach Community Association
  • Mayor Jack Dempsey said Council had been to market twice seeking tenderers to build the project.

“We’ve been unsuccessful on both occasions – which is reflective of the buoyant construction industry at the moment – but also disappointing for our community to see such an important project stall,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“The tenders will be again released this month and we are splitting the civil works and building package components in an effort to create industry interest.

“Through the formal tender process Council is also open to exploring separable options within each tender package.

“Council is doing all it can to progress the Moore Park Beach Masterplan.

“We’d like to build it, but we need contractors to come forward.”

Moore Park Beach Community Association president Shanelle Pekin has been involved in the development of the Moore Park Beach masterplan since its early stages as a member of the Community Reference Group.

“…We spoke with engineers and town planning to develop the community hub idea and ensured each group had a say in what they needed,” Ms Pekin said.

“I also helped facilitate the public meetings for the local people of Moore Park Beach to attend to hear from Mayor Jack Dempsey and Councillor Bartels, so locals could have their say and ask questions regarding the Masterplan.

“This project is so important to the local people of Moore Park Beach as it will give them a sense of pride in the town which we all love, and it will also attract more holidaymakers and improve the facilities we already have.

“The Community Hub building is what all our local groups are keen to get underway, as it will be a space in which our groups can come together, grow and evolve and hopefully attract new members to ensure the clubs can continue in years to come.”

Ms Pekin had a simple message for contractors looking to submit a tender response for the Moore Park Beach masterplan works.

“Please, please, please apply! We can’t get this started without you!”

Divisional representative Cr Jason Bartels said the Moore Park Beach community was looking forward to the masterplan progressing.

“In addition to these fantastic community facilities, work will include surf club landscaping and car parking, an upgrade to the holiday park’s sewerage treatment system and external works including footpaths and driveways,” Cr Bartels said.

“They really just want to see work underway as soon as possible.

“If there are contractors out there interested in the works but are not yet registered with VendorPanel or are unsure of the process, head to Council’s website or get in touch and our staff will be more than happy to help you through that process.”

The building works tender will be available from 23 September through VendorPanel with the civil works tender to be made available through the same platform shortly thereafter.



  1. A twice failed tender process may also be an indication that the requests for tenders have not been attractive to the industry.
    Splitting the work into its natural components is the way to go (otherwise you need a general contractor, which always makes things more expensive and there are not too many around).

  2. Jason, was talking old history about Moore Park and the life savers. The Weiss Brothers were talked of, the pillow fights and other real happenings. Col Weiss also played high profile football and people forget him. we even spoke about the fireflies that were most abundant in our days. kept kids happy at night chasing them. so has development also played a role in destroying these tiny entertainers? If they are still around, what are you doing to protect those?

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