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On the greens: latest bowls results

Bundaberg Bowls
Find out all the latest bowls results from around the region.

Check out the latest bowls results and news from on the greens of clubs right around the Bundaberg Region.

Bundaberg Bowls notes

Tuesday 19 September Winners: R. Death R. Chambers F. Dewhurst. Runners Up:
A.Roylance S. Bury V. Schmidt. Sportspersons: A Jones P. Caesar B. Smith.
Thursday 19 September Winners: H. Pilent R. Bury B. Smith. Runners up:
Joan Jones K Itzstein H McKinnon.  Sportspersons: A. Roylance B. McKinnon G Pinkstone.
Saturday 23 September: No Bowls.
L Scougall J Nikora D Howden Def S Sparke D Francis H Mosley.
H Schmidt S Hucker J Caesar Def T Salau L Haggart C Marcinkus
H McKinnon K Itzstein. Joan Jones Def L Morey B Elworthy K Mitchell.
Selectors Tuesday 26th September:  K Mitchell J Nikora. Thursday 28th September:
J & L Scougall. Saturday 30th. J Clough R Nikora.

Competition Call:
Tuesday 26 September Mixed Pairs Joan Jones B.McKinnon v M. Stumbles M.Nicol.
Thursday 5 October. Mixed Fours. B.Fryer, P.Caesar, J.Caesar, L.Scougall. V R.Ribbans, S.Ribbans, R.Nikora, J,Nikora. H Mosley Joan Jones. A Salau. R. Death. V S. Hucker D Francis. B McKinnon P. Lovell.
Thursday 5 October. Has been Postponed to the 12th. For these 2 teams.
A.Roylance, B.Sechtig, S.Sparke, K.Itzstein v. T.Salau, M.Nicol, R.Chambers, J.Clough.  
Tuesday 17 October Ladies Graded Fours
S.Sparke S. Warren Jean Moore T. Salau. V  Joan Jones B. Elworthy  J. Reed S. Bury.      
18 & 19 October Ladies Trophy Shield. Played at Burnett.
Saturday 21 October FINAL of the men's Triples.
D Cooke A. Salau M. Stumbles V J. Clough R. Chambers A. Holt.  
JIM SCHLUTER`S Funeral is on Monday 25th. September at 10 pm. Des Allen.
If you are going please wear club uniform.
Working Bee every Friday 7.30 am. 10 am. Light jobs women can do as well.

Coming Events:
Tuesday 26 September. Social Bowls & Comp
Thursday 28 September. Sponsored Afternoon by Optical Superstore.
Saturday 30 September. Sponsored Afternoon by Bundaberg MarineLand. $800 Mixed Fours. 1 pm start .
Tuesday 3 October. Sponsored day by C.C. Electrical
Thursday 5 October. Social Bowls and comp.
Saturday 7 October. Social Bowls & Anderson Shield Venue TBA
Tuesday 10 October. Sponsored day by Ross Grey Motors $600.
List for names wishing to play Anderson shield on Saturday 7 & October for selection.
Bundaberg Bowls Club Ph.41513183. Mobile Ph. 0466336317.

Bowls Burnett Men

Tuesday: Winners: Pat Leahy, Speedy Stephens. RU: Beau Mark, Mick Jeffs

Sportspeople: Alan, T Bordon

Wednesday: Scroungers N.R

Thursday Social: Winners: Ozzy, Joy, Jason

Thursday Night Barefoot Bowls: Winners: Leanne, Max

Pick the Joker was not won.

Normal Thursday night bowls will continue next week with the ‘Pick the Joker’ Jackpot starting at $60+?

Friday Social: Winners: Alan Vinegrad, Sue Pettersen. Sportspeople: Kerry Melham, Speedy Stephens

Jackpot next week $190

Saturday Social:  Winners: N/A

COMPETITION Semi Final B Grade Pairs: D Carson, W Downey 21 G Manser, C McClellan 13

Championship entrants please note your match must be played ASAP before end of November, or when called Play, Sub or Forfeit.

Social Bowls Results

Visitors are most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the Club on 41514217 during opening hours. If you cannot get through to the club number regarding bowls, then phone 0401341378 or 0466539441.

Tuesday: Open 3 Bowl Pairs 50/50 Prize money 1 pm start. Names 12.15 pm Pay by 12.45 pm.

Wednesday: ‘Scroungers’ Singles – this is a fun game of Singles similar to consistency singles where points are allocated to the 4 closest bowls to the jack. Games are played over 12 ends with no driving allowed. Names in by 6.15 pm with games starting at 6.30 pm. Green fees are $10 with 50 percent of the green fees being returned as prize money. All ability levels are welcome so come along for a fun night out.

Thursday: ‘Social Thursday’ Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed). Names in by 2.15 pm as games will commence at 2.30 pm. Play till 4.30 pm with 2 random lucky draws as prizes.

Thursday: Night Bowls – bowls start at 6.30pm, names in by 6pm. Bowl under lights and enjoy a fun filled night with a chance at the ‘Pick the Joker’ Jackpot which will be $28+ this week. Visitors and those that want to try bowls for the first time will be made to feel very welcome.

Friday: Open Pairs – Men’s, Ladies, Mixed. Names in by 12 pm, green fees paid by 12.45 pm for a 1 pm start. The Friday Jackpot will be $90.

Saturday: Social play – Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Juniors, Mixed). Names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45 pm for a 1 pm start.

Coming Events and Club News

Club opening hours are – Monday (Club closed), Tuesday 10am – 5.30 pm, Wednesday 11 am – 9 pm, Thursday 2 pm – 9 pm, Friday 10 am – 9 pm, Saturday 10 am – 9 pm (10 pm for Functions) Sunday Bowls Days 9 am – 2 pm.

The Goose Club raffle will be drawn on Friday night at 7 pm. The Member’s Draw was not won last week and will now be $150, so come along, have a meal and a few drinks with the chance to win some great cash and prizes.

Live entertainment for this Friday night will be by” OLD BONES” and the following Friday, live music will be delivered byTHE OTHER BLOKE” Members, Guests, and Visitors are always welcome.

Across the Waves Bowls Results

Wednesday 20th September –

Winners – A.Holt & B.Peardon

Runners-Up – B.Edgerton & L.Hall

Sportsmen – T.Clark & P.Hartigan

Friday 22nd September –

Winners – M.Whitworth & K.Frawley

Sportsmen – J.Worthington & K.Dodds

MARGE BEDSOR MEMORIAL DAY  at Miriam Vale on Wednesday 11th October – Put your name on the list by Wednesday 4th October if you would like to go. Both men and women welcome. See Lyn Hillier for further details.

CLUB SHIRTS – We are placing an order for men's and ladies shirts within the next week or so.   See ladies secretary Robyn if you would like to order one.

Bargara Bowls notes

Monday 18 September – Turkey Pairs – Winners: S. Bianchi & B. McDermott runners up J. Lim & K. Gallagher. Winners of 1st Game W. Heath & A. Grills; runners up B. Heness & T. Fauser. Winners of 2nd Game B. Gill & P. Barker; runners up R. Monk & C. Hippisley. Encouragement Award B. Burgess & B. O’Neill.

Tuesday 19 September – Ladies Social Bowls Winners P. Davies, C. McNeilly & J. Dunn; runners up K. Juillerat, V. Kohn & W. Fitzgerald. Sportsman’s Y. Turner, M. Baigrie & L. Rogerson. Ladies Pennants – Div 3 Blue Bargara d Woodgate in the Final. Well done Ladies won the 3 Divisions.

Wednesday 20 September – Turkey Pairs – Winners R. Murdaca & B. McCarthy; runners up C. McNeilly & K. Aanensen. Winners of 1st Game R. McNeilly & V. Sauer; Winners of 2nd Game T. Fauser & J. & D. Silvy. Jackpot won by B. McDermott,P. Sexton, R. Monk & M. Richardson.

Thursday 21 September – Men’s Triples – Winners J. Andrew, P. Forsyth & W. Baxter; T. Fauser & J. Jardine; P. Elliott, A. Johnson & N. Shaw; Jim See, M. Winter & D. Green. Sportsman’s D. Raggart, W. Jaefray & K. Dann; G. Miles, G. Hutchinson & K. Fitzgerald; K. Hiley & P. Farrell; F. Brotherton, L. McCarthy & R. Klumpp.

Friday 22 September – Competion Men’s “A” Triples V. Sauer, J. Andrew & W. Baxter d J. Fehlberg, M. Tonkin & C. Fehlberg. Men’s “A” & “B” Pairs Round 3 A. Grills & John See d K. Hiley & G. Cahill; G. Miles & A. Powell d A. Poke & C. Gallagher.

Saturday  23 September –  Men’s “B” Singles D. Raggart d B. Ross; S. Burnell-Jones d R. Hawkins; R. Monk d Adam Baigrie; T. Fauser d M. Troughton; J. Fehlberg d G. Pearce; R. Murdaca d D. Harrison. Jack Attack Winners C. & K. Warner. Runners up F. Brotherton & L. McCarthy. Lucky Loser T. & B. Spiteri.

Sunday 24 September – Super Sunday – Winners D. Nicholas, R. Lambert & K. Davern; S. Bennett, S. Burnell-Jones & P. Sexton; R. McNeilly, F. Brotherton & L. Rose; G. Cahill, P. VanHuizen. Sportsman’s A. Grills, I. Johnson & R. Salmon; M. Baigrie, Alex & Adam Baigrie; J. Emery, D. Jankovic & D. Brady; B. Ross, R. Watt & K. Hiley. Lucky Draw D. & B.McCarthy & R. Murdaca

Coming Events Monday Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends. 12.30 pm Start.

Tuesday –  Ladies Social Bowls 1 pm Start.

Wednesday  – Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs.

Thursday – Men’s Triples 1 pm Start.

Saturday –  Men’s “B” Singles Round 2. “A” & “B” Pairs Round 4. 12.30pm Start. Jack Attack Open Pairs 4 games of 5 ends. 1.30pm Start.

Sunday Men’s “B” Singles Round 3. 1 pm Start.

Woodgate Bowls results

Tuesday 19 September 2023:
No Ladies Social Bowls today as our Ladies Pennant Team travelled to the Bundaberg Club to play in the final of the Division three Pennant against Bargara. While not coming home with the Pennant win, Woodgate Ladies can be proud of their achievement getting to the final, the first time a Woodgate Ladies team has ever made a final!

Woodgate Team One: Karen Henderson, Jacquie Rogerson, Gail Lenz, Meredith Taylor

Woodgate Team Two: Yvonne Turner, Lesley Christensen, Robyn Bishop, Doreen Ensby

Special thanks to our travelling reserve Judy Stanley, Manager Suzanne Weir, coach Hazel Cornish, buss driver Jacquie Rogerson the Woodgate Club for the use of the Club Bus and last but certainly not least, all the Woodgate friends who travelled to Bundaberg to support us!

Wednesday 21 September 2023:
Mens Day: Good to see mens day still drawing a good number of men out for a social day of bowls!
A hot sunny day saw the shades in use and much appreciated.

Winning rink draw. Rink 1: Pairs game. Trevor Christensen, Bob Winzar

Runners Up. Rink 4: Russel Hill, Ian Kirby

Encouragement. Rink 7: Gerry Turner, Robbo, Robbie Byrnes

Thursday 21 September 2023: Billy’s Social Bowls day with two games in the Mens B grade Singles:

On rink 10: Greg Madsen had a win over Dennis Smith with Greg Upham marking.

On rink 11: Garry Willoughby had a win over Ken Geaney with Ian Todd marking.
Thanks to Rob Anderson for standing as Umpire for the day.

Winning rink draw. Rink 13: Even score on 19 points each but a count back gave the nod to: Judy Stanley, Rob Anderson, Lorelle Mattson

Saturday 24 September 2023: Numbers down because of several of our bowlers travelling to GinGin to support the George Sellers Day.

Jackpot Pairs. Winning Rink Draw. Rink 10: Judy Stanley, Wayne Stanley.

Sunday 24 September 2023:
Social paddle pop draw triples with a game in the Ladies Open Consistency and a round game in the Open Mixed Fours.
Ladies first: Meredith Taylor had a hard fought win over Doreen Ensbey 124/111.
The dreaded meter stick came into play a few times during the game costing the players five points each time the kitty was moved more than a meter. Thanks to Gloria Newby who was in charge of the stick (marker) for the match.
The mixed fours resulted in a win to Team Cornish over Team Christo:

Team Cornish: Hazel Cornish, Fiona Dowling, Oyster Dowling, Brian Cornish

Team Christo: Lesley Christensen, Jacquie Rogerson, Robbie Royan, Trevor Christensen

Rink draw winners. Rink 13: Barb Martins, Rob Anderson, Henry Bryers

Runners Up. Rink 11: Competition game. Hazel Cornish, Fiona Dowling, Oyster Dowling, Brian Cornish

Special thanks to Rob Anderson who stood as Umpire for the day.

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