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Forum to support Bundaberg community

Australian Anti Ice Campaign
Australian Anti Ice Campaign Founder Andre'a Simmons will share her experience during a community forum in Bundaberg.

A community forum will be held by the Australian Anti Ice Campaign in Bundaberg to provide training, education and support to locals.

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) is a not-for-profit organisation, which aims to raise awareness and educate community members of the risks and dangers associated with using the drug ice even once.

AAIC Founder Andre'a Simmons said there was a need for the community to be informed of the dangers of ice.

“We aim to equip people to deal with the dangers associated with ice use within their community, family or social setting and to educate people on what to do if they suspect that their loved one may be using ice,” Andre'a said.

“We educate on what ice is, what ice does to the brain, body and soul, what ice is made of, and the long- and short-term effects of using ice including psychosis and mental health issues.”

During the Australian Anti Ice Campaign Andre'a will share her own personal and devastating experiences of a life addicted to ice, as well as the difficulties she faced in recovery from addiction.

Attendees will discover what ice is, what it looks like and how the drug affects the brain, while learning how to help those affected by it.

The forum will provide community training for early intervention and include information from professionals.

Optimal Health Group will deliver dual diagnosis training to the community equipping people with tools to do a brief and early intervention and create pathways to help people in addiction.

Date: Tuesday 10 October

Time: 6.30 pm for a 7 pm start

Place: Civic Centre, Bourbong Street Bundaberg

To book: click here

The Bundaberg workshop is delivered with support from Bundaberg Regional Council.

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