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Careers Fair opens young eyes to world of options

Careers fair
Bundaberg Regional Council employees discussed Council career pathways with the students.

Shalom College held its annual Careers Fair recently, which generated lots of interest and conversation among participating businesses and students in years 10, 11 and 12.

Featuring 50 business and industry stalls from around the region, the event offered students the opportunity to speak with representatives from a huge array of different industries.

Shalom College Pathways Co-ordinator Liza O’Donnell said exposure to a range of industries stirred the students into planning for their senior year studies and career pathways after school.

“We seem to get bigger and better every year,” Liza said.

“A lot of young people then decide, oh, I hadn't even thought of that industry, or I didn't realise that that industry had these different types of jobs.

“And so, then we find that students are more willing to taste-test, to engage in maybe a little bit of work experience and even making university decisions.”

Joining stallholders such as Central Queensland University and the Regional Medical Pathways Unit were Bundaberg Regional Council employees from Human Resources, Economic Development, Engineering, Electrical and Water Services.

Bundaberg Regional Council Mayor Jack Dempsey said it was important to support young people as they considered what career they would like to pursue, and to give them the information they needed to succeed after leaving school.

“Events like the Shalom Careers Fair help show our young people that they can grow and follow their ambitions while living in the region,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Encouraging school leavers to start their careers in the Bundaberg region contributes to the region’s economic development.

“Having Council representatives on hand to talk to the students is really important for showing young people starting out in trades and other careers all the different opportunities Council has to offer.”

Shalom College year 10 student Ryan Steinhardt has his sights set on becoming an electrician after he finishes school, and discovered there were electricians working in Council’s Water Services team.

“They said there's a lot more to do than what it appears to be,” Ryan said.

“Because even when they were telling us about the electrician stuff it's a lot more than just working on your houses, it's also fixing plumbing problems with the sensors and stuff.”

“I learned how it's a very popular industry and it's quite competitive, so I have to try and do my best in it.”

Careers Fair
Shalom College year 10 students Kaydi Joeseph, Ryan Steinhardt and Noah Bainisavu with Shalom College Pathways Co-ordinator Liza O’Donnell.

Fellow year 10 students Noah Bainisavu and Kaydi Joeseph felt they came away from their time at the Careers Fair armed with some good information about opportunities in their areas of interest.

“I feel more educated on it, and I feel like it's more apparent to me what I could do after I go out of school,” Noah shared.

For Shalom College’s Liza O’Donnell, the Career Fair is mutually beneficial for the students and the industry representatives, by highlighting how the students will contribute to the future workforce.

“I think that they get a greater understanding of what our students are like as young people,” Liza said.

“We're very appreciative to everybody that comes.”

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  1. How about a greater focus on promoting what we actually need instead of cramming everyone into Hairdressing, Retail, IT, Sales, & Hospitality. There is actually almost no jobs in those fields available.

    We seem to need GPs, Podiatry, Physio, Personal Trainers, Lawn Mowers, Plumbers, Electrical workers & Bakers.

  2. Do yourselves a favor do not stay here. Leave Queensland go to Western Australia where they have a mining boom, massive increase in GST revenue, building at unprecedented pace, a huge surplus, low state debt that might even hit 0 at the rate there going.

    Your best possible chance at a future is in the state with all the spare money Western Australia. Perth is a wonderful place, want somewhere similar sized to Bundaberg try Bunbury.

    Bundaberg hasn’t even got available accommodation for you when you want to move out of home & it’s the same across QLD. Somewhere else you might actually have a chance.

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