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Council launches Streets of Remembrance

Streets of Remembrance
Mayor Jack Dempsey said the Streets of Remembrance program was a simple yet significant way to further recognise local veterans

The badge under which local veterans served will be emblazoned on the signs of the streets named in their honour in Bundaberg Regional Council’s Streets of Remembrance initiative.

The region has a long history of honouring the service of residents, living or deceased, who served in World War I, World War II and other conflicts in which Australia proudly played its part.

About 30 streets have been identified in the initial launch of the program which will progressively aim to display the relevant service badge and the veteran’s name and rank on all current street signs which honour veterans.

A second stage of the program will encourage nominations to be added to a register for future street name consideration as well as help identify further existing streets named after veterans.

Wynter Street in Walkervale was the region’s first street included in the program with the Defence Department issuing its approval for the use of the Rising Sun Badge to recognise Lieutenant General Henry Douglas Wynter.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said it was a wonderful initiative that would respectfully recognise those veterans while raising greater awareness about the significant role the region had played in the defence of the nation over time.

“The Streets of Remembrance initiative is a simple yet significant way we can further recognise the local veterans who have served on behalf of our community and our nation,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“The Bundaberg Region has a history of recognising our veterans through street naming, especially in the years following World War II.

“While we have not yet confirmed the full list of streets which would be eligible for this initiative, Council believes at least 50 streets across the region are named after service personnel with a local connection to the Bundaberg Region.”

He said staff had collaborated with RSL sub branch’s throughout the region who had offered critical support to the success of the program.

Once all current street signs which recognise local veterans are updated through the Streets of Remembrance initiative, the program will enter its second phase which will provide the opportunity for members of the community to nominate existing streets that have not yet been included.

“Residents will also be able to submit the names of veterans who are not currently commemorated to Council to create a register for consideration in naming future streets and unnamed roads,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“It is intended that this pool of names be made available for use by Council and developers.”

Full list of streets approved for updated signs for the Streets of Remembrance initiative:

• Aitkenhead Street, Bundaberg East
• Barrit Street, Bundaberg East
• Bust Street, Svensson Heights
• Cameron Street, Bundaberg North
• Cummins Street, Bundaberg North
• Galley Street, Kepnock
• Glasgow Street, Svensson Heights
• Highland Street, Bundaberg East
• Jones Street, Apple Tree Creek
• Laack Street, Kepnock
• Larsens Road, Isis Central
• Lloyd Street, Walkervale
• Logan Street, Norville
• Luther Street, Svensson Heights
• Major Chapman Street, Kepnock
• Massey Street, Bundaberg East
• McKewen Street, Svensson Heights
• Melvin Street, Norville
• Taylor Street, Kepnock
• Tummon Street, Walkervale
• Walters Street, Bundaberg North
• Wyllie Street, Kepnock
• Wynter Street, Norville
• Greenwood Street, Kepnock

Streets of Remembrance
Wynter Street, Norville, was the first local street approved under the Streets of Remembrance initiative for the use of the Rising Sun Badge to recognise Lieutenant General Henry Douglas Wynter.

Find out more about the Streets of Remembrance initiative, discover the history of local veterans recognised in the program or submit a name for future consideration on Council’s website.



  1. Streets of Remembrance – a respectful & heart-warming recognition of our local veterans. I hope this initiative also includes the smaller centres in our region.

  2. i can’t see Redmond? must be like the pool, MIA
    this one must have fallen into the niche.
    his photo was said to be in the old council chambers.

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