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Be inspired at Hinkler Innovation breakfast

Hinkler Innovation award
Andrew and Janelle Gerry from Macadamias Australia and Farmfresh Fine Foods, winner of the 2022 Hinkler Innovation Award.

Be inspired by brilliant conversation and fresh ideas at the Hinkler Innovation Initiative breakfast, which will include the announcement of the 2023 Hinkler Innovation Award winner.

Tickets are now on sale for the event, to be held at the Bundaberg Multiplex Sports and Convention Centre on Thursday 16 November.

Breakfast attendees will hear from an outstanding panel of speakers on the theme ‘Innovation for the Future’, including futurist demographer, Simon Keustenmacher and Biomedical Engineer, Dr Jordan Nguyen.

Director and Co-founder of The Demographics Group Simon Keustenmacher said the topic was particularly relevant for regional businesses and communities who needed to tackle skills shortage, housing shortage and ageing population head-on.

“The past ways don’t function anymore and it’s crucial that we be willing in regional Australia to embrace innovative solutions in order to combat these challenges,” he said.

“The Hinkler Innovation Initiative event will bring innovative thinkers together and highlight regional innovation so it’s exciting for me to attend and see what innovation looks like on the ground.”

Leading Australian engineer, inventor and innovator Dr Jordan Nguyen said he would take the audience on a few adventures into the big ideas.

“There's so much happening in the world and with the amazing, accessible technological tools we have at our fingertips, innovating solutions to the many challenges we face is crucial,” he said.

“I'll share stories into big innovations of our time, from advancements in genetics and genomics research for agriculture, to AI for wildlife conservation, to even project looking at how we may one day explore our galaxy.

“Humanity needs to keep dreaming big and taking action for a better tomorrow, and regional businesses and communities should absolutely be part of that.”

Janelle Gerry from Macadamias Australia and Farmfresh Fine Foods, winner of the 2022 Hinkler Innovation Award, said there was an astounding amount of innovation that came from the region.

“With the Hinkler Innovation award approaching again it is time to celebrate and recognise all businesses in our community that have this spirit of innovation,” Janelle said.

“I also urge business owners to celebrate their successes along the way and to recognise the hard work and resilience it takes.”

The Hinkler Innovation Initiative aims to bring together a wide spectrum of the community interested in advancing innovation and growth within the Bundaberg Region and beyond.

The annual event is a collaboration between Bundaberg Regional Council and Regional Business HQ and The Generator.

Tickets for the award breakfast are available here.

For more information about the Hinkler Innovation Initiative, click here.

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