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Celebrate at Hinkler Innovation breakfast

Celebrate at Hinkler Innovation breakfast
Guest speakers for the Hinkler Innovation Initiative breakfast, Biomedical Engineer, Dr Jordan Nguyen.and futurist demographer, Simon Keustenmacher. Photo: contributed.

Tickets are on sale for the annual Hinkler Innovation Initiative breakfast which will include the announcement of the Hinkler Innovation Award winner.

The Hinkler Innovation Initiative aims to bring together a wide spectrum of stakeholders interested in advancing innovation and growth within the Bundaberg community and beyond.

It’s an annual event held each November and is a collaboration between Bundaberg Regional Council and Regional Business HQ and The Generator.

The 2023 Hinkler Innovation Initiative breakfast will be held on 16 November at the Multiplex Sports and Convention Centre.

The theme for the event is ‘Innovation for the Future’ and will feature an outstanding panel of speakers including futurist demographer, Simon Keustenmacher and Biomedical Engineer, Dr Jordan Nguyen.

Dr Jordan Nguyen

Dr Jordan Nguyen is a leading Australian engineer, inventor and innovator.

He’s committed to improving as many lives as possible and becoming a driving force behind both human and technological evolution as we move into the future.

His achievements include:

• Founder and CEO of Psykinetic, a social business creating futuristic, inclusive and empowering technologies to improve independence and quality of life for disability, aged care and beyond.

• He and his team have successfully created a mind-controlled wheelchair, numerous Virtual and Augmented reality applications, inclusive gaming, an instrument that enabled a friend with cerebral palsy to perform live music with her eye movements and blinks, and devices that make it possible to control household appliances or even drive cars using only the tiny electrical signals created from eye movements.

• Dr Jordan is the author of the book ‘A Human's Guide to the Future', Jordan is also an award-winning documentary maker and presenter.

Simon Kuestenmacher

Simon Kuestenmacher is a Director and Co-founder of The Demographics Group.

He presents on demographic and global trends that are shaping Australia today and into the future and his observations are enjoyed by corporate, government and industry audiences alike.

His achievements include:
• He is a columnist for The New Daily newspaper and a regular contributor to The Australian newspaper

• He is a media commentator on demographic and data matters

• In his spare time Simon has authored three books on maps

• Simon runs what is by now the world’s largest Twitter account dedicated to maps and data. His social media posts reach over 35 million people every month. Simon ranks as one of the world’s top 10 influencers in data.

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The 2023 Hinkler Innovation Award will be announced at the event, find out more and nominate someone by 3 November here.