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Welcome rainfall across region

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Rain in Buss Park, Bundaberg, on 20 November.

Residents woke to the welcome sound of rain which has finally descended upon the Bundaberg Region after a prolonged dry spell.

The rainfall in the Bundaberg Region comes as a boon to the community after a warm and dry start lead to an increased fire danger, with multiple local fires occurring since August.

October was a particularly dry month this year when compared with October 2022 where the Bundaberg Aero gauge recorded a total of 238.8 mm of rainfall, while significantly less was recorded in October this year with just 2.8 mm of rainfall.

In the 24 hours prior to 9 am on Monday, 20 November 2023, the Burnett and Kolan catchments had up to 56 mm of welcome rain.

Rainfall Bundaberg Region for 24 prior to 9 am Monday

Bargara AL 33 mm

Bundaberg South AL 40 mm

Bundaberg AL 40 mm

Bundaberg AWS 35 mm

Splitter Ck AL 47 mm

Branyan (Woongarra Ps) AL 41 mm

Pine Creek 36 mm

Bungadoo Goondoon Road AL 40 mm

Ned Churchward Weir Hw AL 42 mm

Woodgate AL 31 mm

Childers South 22 mm

Cordalba 26 mm

Gin Gin Creek AL 43 mm

Bucca Weir Hw TM 54 mm

Bucca Weir AL 56 mm

Moore Park AL 45 mm

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