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Gina’s Table set for success 

SSS Strawberries Gina’s Table
Gina's Table freeze dried fruit facility opened its doors on Wednesday.

SSS Strawberries has unveiled a new freeze-drying factory in Thabeban, producing freeze dried and frozen fruit products under the SSS Strawberries’ retail brand Gina’s Table. 

Fruit that isn’t good enough gets a second chance thanks to the innovation and investment in a freeze drying facility that uses NASA technology. 

SSS Strawberries, one of Australia’s largest strawberry growers, officially opened the 4000 square factory in Thabeban this week, which will employ 50 staff once fully operational. 

Gina’s Table General Manager Gina Dang said she saw this development as a natural evolution of the family’s business

“We have been strawberry growers since arriving in Australia from Vietnam so know first-hand the back breaking work it takes to get a good crop up and out of the ground,” Gina said. 

“The level of innovation now available in freeze dry technology will allow us to take the next step in value adding to tonnes of strawberries that may have ended up rejected and destroyed in the past due to market conditions.” 

Gina said the company invested in the factory as they saw a growing need to end food waste. 

“It’s heartbreaking to watch fruit that we have grown get rejected and destroyed,” she said. 

“Why should all that flavour go to waste?  

“We wanted to find a way to ensure that the fruit that can’t be sold due to strict criteria has a second life.” 

Freeze drying is the process where frozen raw materials are placed in a refrigerated vacuum and ice crystals in the product are sublimated into water vapour, while the cell structure of the original product remains. 

“This is the same technology that has helped food survive in space and we are going to be able to process over 2000 tonnes of fruit at capacity,” Gina said.  

“This freeze drying machine from Denmark gives us many applications for food production such as frozen fruit, fruit purees, juices, dairy blends, powders, crumbles and pro-biotic yoghurts. 

“It also helps growers like ourselves to create new and interesting product lines for both the Australian market and export markets. 

“Freeze dried fruits retain their shape integrity, are light weight, have a long shelf life, are GMO free and all natural and most importantly it not only keeps but intensifies the flavour.” 

SSS Strawberries stands for Seven Successful Siblings and is a family business that moved to Bundaberg over 20 years ago. 

“All my brothers and sisters Victor, Lily, Cindy, Tam, Trinity and Rena have worked incredibly hard to make this factory the logical next step in our family business,” Gina said. 

“The seeds we are putting down today in opening this factory, plant the future – not only for our business but many other growers in Australia.” 

SSS Strawberries Gina’s Table
SSS Strawberries has unveiled a new freeze-drying factory in Thabeban, producing freeze dried and frozen fruit products under the SSS Strawberries’ retail brand Gina’s Table. 

Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey welcomed the investment made by SSS Strawberries, which he said highlighted the region’s superior soils that made it one of the leading growing regions in Queensland. 

“The global food supply stemming from the Bundaberg Region’s ‘food bowl’ perfectly combines our natural competitive advantage with state-of-the-art processing,” Mayor Dempsey said. 

“The agricultural industry is a key contributor to our local economy and to have businesses not just growing but also processing and packing product in our region creates a substantial flow on effect. 

“The Bundaberg name is known throughout the world as a supplier of high quality fresh produce and innovative products and this endeavour will further enhance that reputation.” 

Master Chef Adriano Zumbo joined other dessert makers to demonstrate elegant and tasty uses for the Gina’s Table range of products. 

“We are getting spoiled today with Master Chef Adriano Zumbo creating amazing desserts for our guests, customers, suppliers, friends and family as well as delicious strawberry based creations from a range of food influencers,” Gina said. 

The opening event included official speeches, a Tao Master blessing as well as a dragon performance to ensure a prosperous site. 



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