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Gin Gin land gifted for social housing

Gin Gin gift of land
An audit identified two adjoining parcels of land in Gin Gin which Council put forward as suitable for housing development.

Housing availability in Gin Gin has been given a helping hand by Bundaberg Regional Council after it gifted two parcels of land to the State Government for social housing.

In its Ordinary Meeting Council endorsed the gift of land with construction of the housing set to begin within 18 months.

Well-located in Gin Gin, the total area of the two parcels is 2,328 m2.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said Council had taken a proactive approach to addressing the housing crisis within the region.

“State and Federal Governments are primarily responsible for housing and homelessness but we believe successful outcomes can only be achieved when all three levels of government and industry work together,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“In May 2022 we proactively began this process to identify suitable parcels of land within Bundaberg, Childers and Gin Gin which saw us well progressed when housing round tables were called earlier this year.

“We have now had confirmation from the State Government that they would like to take up this opportunity for the parcels of land in Gin Gin.

“This collaboration is a great outcome for our community and is another example of how forward-focussed and strategic planning has resulted in a positive outcome and sees the Bundaberg Region becoming a leader in this space.”

Bundaberg Regional Council Group Manager Michael Ellery said in mid-2022 officers undertook an audit of Council’s freehold land holdings to ascertain whether there was an opportunity to utilise any land surplus to Council’s needs for affordable or social housing.

“Apart from other land that is still under investigation, that audit identified two adjoining parcels of land in Gin Gin which Council put forward as suitable for housing development.

“Located in close proximity to the Gin Gin State School, the site is fully serviced with urban utilities, is free of natural hazards and is not reserved for any strategic Council purpose.

“There are no planning or engineering reasons that the land cannot be developed for its intended purpose, and the use is generally consistent with the aims of the Planning Scheme.

“It is considered that the proposed gifting of the land to the State Government for the provision of social housing units under the terms agreed to is appropriate and will help to ensure more housing is provided within Gin Gin.”

Under the Gin Gin gift of land agreement:

• Upon execution by both parties, the State will lodge for registration in the Titles office a new survey plan that reconfigures the Land into two parcels – Lot 11 for the future public housing development and Lot 10 which is to be retained by Council (and will contain Council’s stormwater infrastructure). An easement will be granted over Council’s sewer main where it is in proposed Lot 11
• Upon registration, Council agrees to gift Lot 11 to the State of Queensland, with the State preparing all necessary transfer documents and meeting any costs associated with the transfer
• The State then must commence construction of social housing units within 18 months of the date of the transfer
• If the State does not meet the obligation to commence construction within the required period, Council can exercise an option to have the State return the land to Council.

Following Council’s decision the Chief Executive Officer has been authorised to enter into a Deed of Gift with the State Government through the Department of Housing.

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