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Join IWC in Clean Up Country Day

Clean Up Country Day
IWC's Kate Kenrick is excited to take part in Clean Up Country Day.

Community members are invited to join IWC for Clean Up Australia Day with its community event Clean Up Country Day, to highlight the need to keep the land and sea as it is while honouring Traditional Owners. 

Coming together on Sunday 3 March at 9 am IWC invites everyone to register for the Lake Ellen Park and Baldwin Swamp clean up. 

There will be litter bags, gloves and some litter picks provided for everyone wanting to get stuck in to help. 

IWC Director and proud Gurang man Stirling Eggmolesse said Country means a lot and it's up to all of the community to look after it.

“If we don’t look after our land, it gets sick. It’s important we continue to share our Indigenous knowledge to give our land the best chance to flourish,” he said. 

“We have strong spiritual beliefs with the land we are part of, and therefore we need to respect it as we do people. 

“I will be there on Sunday to share the knowledge that was passed down to me, telling stories about our cultural heritage and the native plants and wildlife surrounding the area.” 

IWC CEO Wayne Mulvany said with IWC’s strong roots in the land and community, we want to remind everyone, no matter who you are, that it's up to all of us to take care of our environment.

“This event isn't just about cleaning up – it's a chance to learn about what Country means and the importance of keeping your litter with you when visiting places,” he said.

“It’s also a great opportunity to teach our children outside of the classroom about connecting to country, respecting nature, and looking after our local wildlife.” 

After the clean up, IWC will be hosting a free community barbecue to thank everyone for pitching in and making Lake Ellen Park and Baldwin Swamp cleaner and greener.  

How to Register and participate: Everyone is welcome to participate, staff, all communities, families and businesses, but you must sign up here to take part:  www.iwc.org.au/cleanupcountry 

Event Details 

Date: Sunday 3 March

Time: 9 am – 1.30 pm  

Where: Lake Ellen Park  – IWC marquee onsite for meeting point 

For more information, contact: Katelyn Kenrick – Katelyn.kenrick@iwc.org.au or call 1300 492 492 

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