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Drinking fountains mapped in move to plastic free

drinking fountains Plastic Free
Water bubbler in Buss Park, Bundaberg CBD.

Council has mapped the locations of the region’s drinking fountains after it was selected by the Boomerang Alliance as one of its Plastic Free Places.

The Plastic Free Places program is run in partnership with the State Government and Boomerang Alliance, made possible locally with support from Bundaberg Regional Council.

The selection was a result of Council’s successful advocacy to be included in the Plastic Free Places program.

The move is to further the region’s push for plastic free, which has seen every drinking fountain in the Bundaberg Region marked on an interactive map.

Bundaberg Region Mayor Helen Blackburn said the introduction of the map supported key recycling principles to avoid or reduce use of plastic and to reuse.

“Refilling drink bottles is one simple way we can cut plastic and it is also more cost effective for local residents,” Mayor Helen Balckburn said.

“Not only will it save your spare change when you’re out and about reduced plastic and waste means reduced rubbish to landfill which is a win win for ratepayers and the environment.

“Initiatives like this interactive water map will help the community choose to reuse and reduce their waste to ensure the future of our planet for future generations.”

With eight billion tonnes of waste generated each year, the Plastic Free Places initiative seeks to minimise the use of single-use plastic items, like water bottles, straws, coffee cups and lids, takeaway containers, foodware and plastic bags.

“Our region is renowned for its pristine natural beauty from the rugged hinterland to the picturesque coastline.

“Anything we can do to protect and preserve it is a positive.”

View the interactive water map and start taking steps to cutting plastic waste here.

If your business has a publicly available water refill station that you’d like listed on the interactive map, get in touch with Council’s Economic Development team.

The Plastic Free Places team will be in the region this May to meet with local businesses to discuss how they can ‘de-plastify’ their business.

Anyone interested in learning more about the drinking fountains and other Plastic Free Places initiatives and similar Council programs can learn more here:

  • The push for plastic free here.
  • Council’s Towards Net Zero program here.
  • About the Plastic Free Places program here.
  • Local businesses can get involved here.
  • Hire Council’s portable water refill station for your next event. Learn more about this initiative here.


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