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Funding boost to protect Great Barrier Reef

Funding boost
Bundaberg Regional Council has partnered with the Reef Authority for several years to protect and manage the Great Barrier Reef and the communities it supports.

Bundaberg Regional Council will soon share in a $17.48 million funding boost for projects that contribute to the protection and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Federal Government initiative will benefit nineteen councils across reef catchments in Queensland who will deliver a range of shovel-ready projects under the Reef Guardian Councils program that support reef protection and restoration activities.

Bundaberg Regional Council has partnered with the Reef Authority for several years to protect and manage the reef and the communities it supports.

Natural Resources and Environment portfolio spokesperson Cr Jason Bartels welcomed the funding boost which he said would assist Council in continuing to address key threats to the reef.

“The funding will give Council further support with Reef Guardian grant projects including the Washpool Creek Drain Naturalisation project, waterways rubbish removal and the Telegraph Road detention basin improvements,” he said.

“Currently there are 21 active projects in our Reef Guardian Action Plan being managed across many business areas.

“Council incorporates environmentally sustainable practices into the planning and management of our infrastructure and services that help to address the key threats to the reef.

“We also partner with numerous external organisations including Reef Guardian Schools.”

Bundaberg Regional Council Reef Guardian projects include:

  • Towards Net Zero Bundaberg – developed along with a regional assessment of renewable energy opportunities that will aid in the overarching goals of achieving net zero emissions.
  • Belle Eden Park Waterway Naturalisation – to improve stormwater quality and treat polluted stormwater runoff which is harmful to sensitive downstream waterways and ecosystems.
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan – outlines a clear path forward to assist the community to move towards the Queensland Government’s aspirational waste reduction and recycling targets.
  • Saltwater Creek Master Plan – to improve drainage and create a healthy waterway that would have social and environmental benefits
  • Bargara Shoreline Erosion Management Plan – provides Council with a framework to proactively plan to manage erosion of the coastline over the short to medium term (5-20 years).

The Reef Guardian Councils program is a partnership between local governments and the Australian Government’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

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