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Boost for local arts, library programs

Arts, Heritage and Asset Management portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth 2024-25 budget back on track
Arts, Heritage and Asset Management portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth at Bundaberg Regional Library where access to early literacy and digital skills programs will continue in 2024-25

Arts, Heritage and Asset Management

Programs which foster literacy and digital skills and support for local arts projects have been given a boost in Bundaberg Regional Council’s budget 2024-25.

In a budget with a strong focus to get “back on track” Arts, Heritage and Asset Management portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth said the important role local libraries played had been recognised.

“We are committed to ensuring that our residents have access to vital resources and opportunities for growth and development,” Cr Learmonth said.

“By ensuring these programs continue, we move forward in creating a supportive and enriching environment for all.”

Cr Learmonth said the State Government’s First Five Forever program, aimed at early childhood literacy, would see continued funding.

“First 5 Forever is an initiative of the Queensland Government, coordinated by State Library of Queensland and delivered in partnership with local government,” he said.

“This initiative supports families with young children by providing resources and activities that promote early literacy skills.

“Early literacy is crucial for the development of our youngest residents.

“By continuing to fund the First Five Forever program, we are investing in the future of our community.”

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Cr Learmonth said Council was also committed to bridging the digital divide by offering digital skills training at local libraries.

“These programs help residents of all ages develop the necessary skills to navigate and succeed in the digital age,” he said.

“Our libraries are more than just places to borrow books, they are community hubs where people can learn and grow.

“By providing digital skills training, we are empowering our residents to thrive in an increasingly digital society.”

Council’s 2024-25 budget will also see the continuation of the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), funded by Council in partnership with the State Government.

Cr Learmonth said RADF grants had greatly impacted Bundaberg's cultural landscape, providing financial support to local artists and arts organisations.

“Art and culture are the heartbeat of our community,” he said.

“Through RADF grants, we have been able to foster creativity and support local talent and this budget will ensure that these opportunities continue to flourish.”

More information about RADF funding rounds and how to apply can be found at bundaberg.qld.gov.au and to find your closest library head to artsbundaberg.com.au.

View the full Bundaberg Regional Council 2024-25 budget document online.



  1. As a recipient of the digital skills training at my local library, many times I have blessed the opportunity to learn more about my computer and its intricacies. I take this opportunity to thank all concerned.


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