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Flourish Skin & Beauty wins gold

Flourish Skin & Beauty
Flourish Skin & Beauty owner Courtney Adams with their gold award from the national Skinlympics in Melbourne.

Local medispa Flourish Skin & Beauty has won gold at the recent national Skinlympics Skin Awards in Melbourne.

Owner Courtney Adams said she was “over the moon” to bring the prestigious award home which recognises the work of professional skin therapists across Australia.

What is your business?

Our business is a skin and brow clinic with a main focus on strong healthy skin.

How long have you been operating locally?

We opened in Bundaberg in October 2022 after making the decision to move back home from Sydney.

Tell us about the award you recently won?

On Monday 17 June we won Gold in the Brighten Category at the Skinlympic's in Melbourne.

The Skinlympics is a national skin competition [where] skin therapists can submit their work that is then given to a panel of industry expert judges to assess and rank your work for the category.

All entries [are] required to give as much detail about their work, their clients' skin, home care products prescribed and in-clinic treatment protocols.

What does it mean to be acknowledged with an award like this?

Winning this award means the world to us!

Having our work recognised on a national level is incredible.

It's rewarding, knowing all the extra study, courses and extensions of knowledge I've attended and completed over the years has been worth it.

It also goes to show that you can get quality results and services from regional towns and not have to drive to the ‘big smoke'.

What is your experience in your industry?

Over ten years' experience within the industry but seems like only a couple of years ago I just started.

In this time, I have worked alongside industry professionals across Queensland and New South Wales, gaining valuable experience and knowledge.

I have also completed multiple specialty courses in skin care, modalities and even nutrition, nothing has been off limits for us to learn.

Why did you decide to open this business in the Bundaberg Region?

Bundaberg is our hometown.

Both my fiancé and I grew up here and both families still reside in Bundaberg.

We experienced Sydney during covid lockdowns and decided it was time to be home, closer to family.

I wanted to open a space that was dedicated to skin therapies with honesty and integrity at the core of the business model.

Each client becomes a valued member of our little community as we continue to grow from strength to strength within the business.

As the beauty industry is evolving, beauty businesses are becoming more niche and specialist in their field.

This is something I wanted to create – master of my trade, not jack of all.

We are the first in Bundaberg to be certified with the industry's SafeSkin (TM) Certification keeping us regulated with our standards.


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