Professor Tech teaches Bundy kids virtual reality tricks

Professor Tech, or CQUniversity's Professor Michael Cowling as he is otherwise known, was at Bundaberg Library to inspire students to get creative with virtual reality technology.

Apple releases iPhone 11

Apple fans have long since related September to the release of the brand new iPhones and 2019 is no exception.

Techstars Startup Weekend returns to Bundaberg

Local entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to be immersed in innovation as the Techstars Startup Weekend Bundaberg returns for the second year.

2FA provides extra security

For the past decade, experts have stressed the importance of a strong password. We now have upper and lower case, numbers, letters, symbols.

Professor Tech brings virtual reality to students

He swims with sharks and walks with dinosaurs all from the comfort of a room, and soon Professor Tech will bring those experiences and more to students of the Bundaberg Region.

Tech talk: 3D printing explained

For the past decade the growth of 3D printing has been strong and persistent. Tech guru Geoff Augutis explains how it works.

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