New fad: Have you been rock spotting?

Have you found a colourful rock in the region?

They could be nestled in some foliage, peeking out behind a tree or sitting on a picnic chair.

Wherever you go be sure to keep an eye out for a colourful rock or two!

The brightly decorated stones are taking Bargara, Bundaberg and the rest of the region by storm, with residents from all over getting involved in finding and relocating the rocks.

Bundaberg mum Jess McEwan said looking for the colourful rocks had become a fun activity for her daughter Pippa whenever they were out and about.

“We have found them in Bargara and the Botanic Gardens so far,” Ms McEwan said.

“The most enjoyable part about it is being outside, also the excitement on Pippa's face when she finds one is just great.

“It's an amazing activity for families to get involved in and you can paint your own rocks, spend family time hiding them and then have a play at the park or beach you are at.”

Pippa loves finding the colourful rocks around Bundaberg.

Facebook pages are available for families to post photos of their finds before relocating the rocks elsewhere.

Ms McEwan said through the page, she and her daughter were able to establish that a rock they had painted and hid in Bundaberg had turned up overseas.

“Pippa painted a rock and someone took it to New Zealand to re-hide,” she said.

“That was super exciting!”

Bargara and Bundaberg Rocks

The Bargara Facebook page states:

“You can either keep or re-hide them anywhere and also if you wish you can paint your own and see where they turn up.

“When you find one please post a picture on the Facebook site then you can re-hide if you wish.

“These rocks turn up all over Oz or the world. Please join our page.”

Check out the Facebook page here.