Elliott Heads foreshore makeover underway


Stages One and Two of the Elliott Heads Foreshore Masterplan will be finalised by the end of June

Streetscape projects have been rolled out in locations across the Bundaberg Region but now it’s time for Elliott Heads to shine with work commencing this week to complete Stages One and Two of the $4 million Foreshore Masterplan.

Major road works, linked footpaths, landscaping, shelter shed, a viewing platform and more than 100 formed car parks are included in the scope of works associated with the masterplan development.

Divisional representative Cr Scott Rowleson said infrastructure including the kiosk and park toilet facilities had previously been completed but this latest work would provide the connectivity to allow the planned use of traffic corridors and pathways.

“While we are finalising Stages One and Two, the great news is that through project savings and efficiencies Council has also provided the go-ahead for Stage Three to be completed.

“The Foreshore Masterplan was the culmination of extensive community consultation. Council received a State Government grant of $1.6 million in October 2017 which represented 40% of the project cost of just over $4 million.

“Stages One and Two will be finalised by the end of June, weather permitting, and the project would then move seamlessly to Stage Three which involves additional road works, footpaths and parking. The footprint for Stage Three has actually been enlarged to align with Welch Street.

“This work represents a milestone achievement for the Elliott Heads community and is a great reward for its demonstrated patience. There is no doubt this will provide enhanced facilities that will encourage a surge in visitor numbers,” said Cr Rowleson.

He said the upgraded entry into the caravan park would assist with an increased focus on safe traffic movements within the area. “Importantly, we have increased signage to assist in directing more visitors to the safer patrolled swimming areas.”

Masterplan details

The Elliott Heads Masterplan was adopted by Council in 2012 and a new kiosk constructed in 2014. Cr Rowleson said the finalisation of a fourth and final stage will be a matter for future Council budgets or grant applications.

The redevelopment is a joint project of Council and the State Government.


  1. Will stage 3 include the continuation of the foreshore footpath north from Bluefin court area, behind the recent land sale area? And have council made a decision on an, off-leash, area for dogs in Elliott Heads?

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