Video: Why flipping a Bundaberg ginger beer stubby is good!


Hear the chief executive of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, John McLean, explain what makes the company's soft drinks special and flipping the stubby.

Mr McLean was talking to South Australian independent grocery retailer Drakes Supermarkets.

“We work with farmers and grow ginger ourselves so that we have the best ginger constantly for our ginger beer,” Mr McLean says in the video.

“We can dry the ginger right when we want to brew it.

“We take three days to make ginger beer and seven days to make lemon lime and bitters.

“The brewing adds complexity that a standard soft drink just can't get, no one takes time like we do.”

Mr McLean said there's a ritual around the iconic Bundaberg stubby bottle and its unique rib cap

“Flipping the bottle before you drink it puts the ingredients back into suspension, and that gives us the ability to deliver the flavour exactly the way we want to deliver it, from our brewery to the consumer,” he said.

Drakes stock the entire Bundaberg Brewed Drinks range.

“South Australia is a very important market for us,” Mr McLean said.

“The support from Drakes has always been very good. We can't be successful without really good partners, and Drakes have been a good partner from the beginning.”