Flathead and grunter ON in Baffle and Kolan systems

Mitch Gibson at Cochrane Reef with a great Spanish mackerel catch.

Tackleword Bundaberg fishing report highlight: The flathead and the grunter have been ON in the Baffle and Kolan systems! Small pink and pearl soft plastics have been killing it.

Bundaberg inshore

At this stage, the weather forecast for the Bundaberg area isn’t looking the best for fishing out the front this weekend, but it will be well worth keeping an eye on. 

If we do get lucky and the weather lets us poke out, the fishing will be on fire! 

These cooler mornings would have really stirred up the inshore Spanish mackerel. 

Throwing poppers, setting live baits and fast retrieving 50g Flasha spoons will be the way to chase them. 

Also, with the water temperature dropping, the snapper should start coming on the chew as well. 

Jigging 5” Zman plastics and 20g Samaki vibes off the bottom is an awesome technique. If you’re more into bait fishing, floating pilchards down will also get the bite.

Burnett River

The Burnett has been fishing well over the past week. With the cooler conditions the blue salmon have started to turn up. 

They have been taking a liking to soft vibes slowly twitched off the bottom. 

With the new moon being on Friday the barra should be on the chew this weekend as well. 

Chasing the blueys at the bottom of the tide is by far the best time. 

Throwing prawn imitation lures and soft vibes in the deeper holes will be the way to go. 

Don’t forget to throw the crab pots in because the new moon tides will get the crabs moving.  

Byron Kaandorp with a flathead he caught in the Burnett.

Baffle Creek and Kolan River

The flathead and the grunter have been ON in these systems! Small pink and pearl soft plastics have been killing it. 

For the flatties, heaps of guys have been beaching their boats towards the mouth and just walking the banks concentrating on the little gutters. 

Not to forget about the jacks and barra. Don’t forget to target these fish right on the bottom of the tide. 

It’s by far the hottest bite time. Also don’t forget the cast net and crab pots.

There have been some awesome reports of both crabs and prawns in these systems.

Elliott River

The Elliott has been fishing really well for your awesome tasting whiting. 

Pumping yabbies at dead low tide and fishing the incoming tide is the way to go. 

I like to mix my baits up, so taking down a couple of beach worms and some prawns is never a silly idea. 

Also, while your rods are set out for whiting don’t forget to throw some small soft plastics either side of the boat because you never know when a big flatty or jack will be cruising past your boat.

Byron Kaandorp, six years old, with a black-tipped rock cod.

Lake Monduran

Lake Monduran has still been fishing well even in these cooler conditions. 

For a change the later morning bite has been the go so you could even sneak in a little sleep-in. 

Throwing Happy Rock Softies and Jackal Squirrels around the shallow weed beds has been the go. 

With the new moon on Friday and sunny conditions forecast for the whole weekend it should be a ripper!

Till next time, keep it real
Mitch Beyer, Tackleworld