Health and wellness promoted at Bundaberg Expo


The Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo today at the Shalom Sports Stadium was an outstanding success.

Hundreds of people attended and many there when the doors opened at 7am.

The expo was born from the idea of connecting the community with health and wellbeing experts in the Bundaberg Region.

Naturopaths at Zen on Elliott, Kellie Dexter and Wendy Lockwood, at the Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo.

Event organisers Kellie Dexter and Wendy Lockwood, naturopaths at Zen on Elliott, said it gives people an opportunity to engage with health professionals, learn about a wide range of different treatment options, and participate in physical movement demonstrations.

Wendy said the day went very well.

“There were lots of people around and they were engaging with stall holders and participating with what's on offer,” she said.

One of the local exhibitors was Candice Bauer, founder of Bare by Bauer.

Candice and her husband Matt sell an extensive range of chemical-free natural foods, oils and cosmetics online.

“Today, my understanding of health is much more holistic,” Candice said.

“Health is not only achieved through the food we eat, but also the air we breathe, the thoughts we think, the friends we surround ourselves with, our environment, the stresses we carry and the products we paint our skin with each day.”

Candice and Matt said the expo was a good opportunity to explain their products and beliefs to a new audience.

“We're finding that people are interested in seeing what's here in the local community,” Candice said.

“I feel like the day's going really well so far. There's been a lot of traffic and everyone just loves looking at all the natural health options out there.

“As soon as they find out we're local and it's all made here in Bundaberg, that really triggers interest,” Matt said.

Bare by Bauer Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo
Candice and Matt Bauer from Bare by Bauer at the Bundaberg Health and Wellness Expo.