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Connect mind and body at Sanctuary on Seven

Melina Graham 
Sanctuary on Seven
Melina Graham is the driving force behind new wellness centre, Sanctuary on Seven.

A new space has opened in Bundaberg connecting mind, body, and soul with new business Sanctuary on Seven, at 7 Walla Street.

Sanctuary on Seven is a collective of local businesses offering wellness services including hairdressing, massage, aromatherapy, sound healing, nutrition and more.

It also has a connection space, suitable for workshops and one-off sessions in a range of practices and crafts, giving locals an opportunity to expand their horizons and connect with likeminded people.

For Melina Graham, the local businesswoman, hairdresser and nutritionist driving the collective, Sanctuary on Seven is culmination of a lot of hard work and creative vision that has seen her dream turn into reality.

“I always knew I wanted to help people,” Melina said.

“Being a hairdresser, you're almost like a counsellor, so people talk to you about a lot of things.

“It's nice to be able to say to someone, have you ever tried massage, or have you ever tried something? and it's nice to be able to recommend somebody.

“I've had treatments with the ladies that are coming in here, I can highly recommend them.

“At least then when people come into a space like here, they feel comfortable, they might come and see me, but they may have been too uncomfortable to get a massage somewhere, and they might go, actually, well I might try massage [here] because I'm comfortable in this environment.

“Being in this lovely, relaxed space that you'd be more inclined to try it.”

In addition to Melina’s hair studio Mint Hair, Sanctuary on Seven has two other businesses committed to working in the space, with room for more in the fully renovated and refreshed premises.

Up to five businesses will operate in the centre, with the connection space available for ad hoc or temporary hire.

The calendar of events for the connection space is in development, including plans for a singing bowl workshop and a weaving workshop in February.

Sanctuary on Seven
The connection space at Sanctuary on Seven will be available for hire for workshops and group activities.

Melina said the connection space was available for hire for a minimum of two hours and provided a comfortable, safe and accessible space for small group activities.

“I like having the connected space there to share, so if someone decides they want to run a workshop on something, that we can do it on our own or together,” Melina said.

“I just think people want to do things that make them feel good, and it can be anything from meditation to craft, dance, music, can be anything.

“It gets people connected and gets people talking because that's another thing that doesn't really happen quite as much anymore.

“My goal is to have a rolling calendar of events through the year.”

After months of renovations and setting up the business Melina said she was excited to share her vision with other woman interested in subleasing a room and with the Bundaberg community looking for wellness services.

“I believe that we can all help each other and learn different aspects as well,” she said.

“I want people to feel relaxed, because if this is the only relaxation you get out of your day, that's a good thing that I can give.”

More information about the services and programs at Sanctuary on Seven can be found on its Facebook page.

Services at Sanctuary on Seven are by appointment with the individual businesses operating on the premises.

Contact Sanctuary on Seven for connection space or temporary room hire opportunities.