Avondale waste transfer station upgraded

Trevor Laing is the first customer to use the upgraded transfer station at Avondale Waste Facility.
Trevor Laing is the first customer to use the upgraded transfer station at Avondale Waste Facility.

Upgrades have been completed at the Avondale Waste Transfer Station to improve customer access and promote recycling.

The first residents to benefit from the upgraded facility attended the site last week.

Divisional councillor Jason Bartels welcomed the improvements.

“There was previously a suggestion this site should be closed, which would have caused an unacceptable 50km drive to the nearest facility,” he said.

“I took the views of local residents to Council to keep Avondale open and this is a good outcome.

“It means we can continue to provide a service to the area.”

Cr Bartels said new entry and exit points have been established with improved directional signage and line marking.

“A new asphalt surface provides a more pristine look across the compound with dedicated marked parking sites now obvious,” he said.

“The transfer station now offers four unloading bays and improved accessibility to recycling drop-off bins.

“Customer safety has also been enhanced with the installation of protective barriers.

The upgrade to the transfer station at Avondale Waste Facility.
Part of the upgraded Avondale Waste Transfer Station.

“A transfer station is a vital piece of infrastructure, enabling residents to discard their waste in an appropriate manner and assist with recycling.”

Council's Waste and Recycling portfolio spokesman, Cr Scott Rowleson, said the overall changes to the facility would enable better supervision,  improve customer safety and reduce wind-blown litter.

“Stored material is taken from the transfer station to be disposed of at one of Council’s major waste facilities,” he said.

Before visiting the transfer station or any Council waste facility, Cr Rowleson said customers with domestic waste were encouraged to continue separating their loads into categories.

“Categories include green waste, paper and cardboard, recyclable bottles/cans/jars, steel, electronic waste and general waste,” he said.

“This helps Council staff to reduce what ultimately goes to landfill.”

The Avondale Waste Facility is open from 8am to 12 noon Thursday and 8am to 5pm on Sunday.

To find out more about correct recycling, go to Council's website.

Avondale Waste Facility.
Don't forget to separate your waste before taking rubbish to the Avondale transfer station.