Carpet python feasting on bat stuns walker

Snake eating a bat, carpet python Bundaberg
Helen Russell captured this graphic shot of a python devouring a bat on her Friday morning walk.

A Bundaberg woman has captured a photo of a large carpet python devouring a bat.

Helen Russell was taking her daily walk near the Burnett Traffic Bridge when she spotted what she thought was a log in the distance.

“When I got closer I realised it was a snake and it was eating a flying fox,” she said.

Helen snapped some photos of the animal encounter and warned other walkers nearby not to disturb the natural phenomenon taking place.

“The snake was huge,” she said.

“It had already eaten half the bat when I showed up.”

Helen said she often took photos of the animals she came across when she was out and was excited by her most recent encounter.

“I was in awe, it's definitely something different to see on my walk,” she said.

“My husband calls me Helen Irwin but I have never seen anything like this before!”

Python facts

According to Bundaberg snake catcher Kyle Hancock from Kavs Wildlife Services, carpet pythons were opportunistic eaters.

“If they see something they think can fit in their mouth, they will go for it,” he said.

While the species can grow more than three metres in length, Kyle said they were not as scary as they looked.

“Pythons are not venomous, they are actually constrictors and wrap their prey up- like giving them a big cuddle,” he said.

“I have relocated pythons from all over Bundaberg, especially near waterways where they can catch plenty of food like rats.”

Kyle said while pythons were a “friendly” snake, it was still a good idea to practice caution.

“If you come across one, sit back and admire their beauty and snap a few photos, but leave them alone,” he said.

“If you want a python removed from a property, always remember to call a licensed snake catcher.