Farmers invited to Workplace Essentials workshop


Bundaberg Region farmers are invited to a free Workplace Essentials workshop to be held on Friday, 10 May at Bundaberg Recreational Precinct from 12.10pm to 4.15pm.

The Bundaberg workshop during Agrotrend is catered to the needs of the region with an overall focus on workplace relations, understanding labour hire licensing and improving workplace health and safety.

Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network (QAWN) officer Karen George said the Workplace Essentials workshops have been delivered in major production regions around the state for the past three years with enormous success.

“The Workplace Essentials workshops support the development of a capable agricultural workforce by providing information and resources to farm business owners from a diverse range of agricultural industries including broad acre cropping, grains, cotton, grazing and horticulture,” Ms George said.

“These workshops are all about reducing industry vulnerability by keeping farmers up to date with workplace laws and helping them to do the right thing.”

Workplace Essentials workshop
The importance of tractor safety will be highlighted at a Workplace Essentials workshop in Bundaberg on 10 May 2019.

Guest speaker and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland safety advocate Garry Nichols will also be giving a special presentation about the importance of tractor safety.

Garry has a first-hand understand of the dangers of tractors after a rural tractor roll-over incident resulted in traumatic injuries, including the loss of his leg.

“Every year about 40 people die due to workplace related incidents in Queensland, and around 5000 Queenslanders will suffer some kind of permanent injury. Tractors are the second main cause of injury in agriculture in Queensland,” Garry said.

“A small lapse in concentration and you could end up seriously injured or worse. In my case it was a tractor. You may be driving home or walking across the road. A split second is all it takes.

“I hope my story will inspire others to take safety seriously and consider the impacts an injury can have families, friends and colleagues.”

The Bundaberg workshop will be presented by a team of industry experts including Donna Mogg, Employment Relations Consultant; Natalie Wakefield, Director, Labour Hire Licensing Compliance Unit, Office of Industrial Relations; and representatives from QAWN, WorkCover Queensland and Sunsuper.

The Workplace Essentials Workshops are proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government through the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Bundaberg workshop details

Friday, 10 May, 12.10pm to 4.15pm at Bundaberg Recreational Precinct, University Drive, Branyan.