Alowishus wedding visit ices the cake on special day

Alowishus wedding visit for Halesha and Craig Aslin.
Halesha and Craig Aslin at Alowishus Cafe on their wedding day.

A visit to Alowishus Delicious was icing on the cake for Halesha and Craig Aslin on their wedding day given the cafe's link with special memories.

The Bundaberg couple, who were married at Fairymead House last week, made a special stop at Alowishus after their ceremony.

It was where they had their first date more than two years ago and where Craig got down on one knee to propose.

“Craig proposed at Alowishus because that is where we had our first date, and quite a few more after that,” Halesha said.

“He had my friends take me out shopping on a girls night that ended at Alowishus for desert and none of them, including him, are very sneaky so I knew exactly what was going on!”

Craig used a book etched with the words “Marry Me?” cut into the pages to make the big proposal.

Alowishus wedding memories

Craig used a book to propose to Halesha.
Craig used a book to propose to Halesha.

When it came time for their wedding, the couple knew they wanted to go back to where it all began to recreate that special moment.

“It was Craig's idea to go back to Alowishus; he requested they have a slice of cake ready for us to share and they went above and beyond!” Halesha said.

“It was our relaxing stop between photos and reception and we got a few good snaps. Our lovely photographer Gina Bryer is a beautiful storyteller and she helped us recreate the proposal.”

Halesha said Alowishus staff were over the moon to be part of their special day.

“The staff working that day were lovely and so accommodating; they seemed super excited too!” she said.

Congratulations Craig and Halesha who made an Alowishus wedding visit.
Congratulations Craig and Halesha!

Yesterday, Alowishus posted about the epic wedding moment on their Facebook page.

“Regular customers of ours, Craig and Halesha got engaged at Alowishus some time ago so it was only fitting to get a few snaps at their fav cafe as husband and wife!” the post read.

“We then surprised them with their favourite personalised chocolate chunk cake!”

“Congratulations Craig and Halesha!! It was our pleasure having you in!”