Bundy mum gets cooking for The Wiggles

Cookies created for today's concert

Caneland Cookies
Bundaberg's Lindsey Mortensen and her daughter Madelyn love to cook.

It’s no Hot Potatoes but Lindsey Mortensen is hoping her cooking will be a hit with the Wiggles.

The Bundaberg mum has designed and created Wiggles themed cookies which she hopes to share with the children's entertainers at today's Moncrieff Entertainment Centre concert.

She said every morning at 5am her daughter Madelyn woke up asking for the Wiggles.

“I love them as a parent, because of how inclusive and educational their songs are for younger kids,” Lindsey said.

Madelyn's favourite Wiggles song is Romp Bomp A Stomp.

“Every time it comes on she starts stomping and clapping,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey gets cooking for Wiggles

Knowing her daughters love for the musical group, Lindsey decided to make a little surprise for Madelyn to take along to the concert.

With a little inspiration the mother-of-three created eight Wiggle-themed cookies from scratch.

Caneland Cookies owner Lindsey Mortensen made The Wiggles into cookies, each star started out as a sketch.

The first step for Lindsey was to design the characters before turning each of them into colourful little treats.

Sketching out the design on paper before tackling the dough cutting, Lindsey said she had to cut out extra parts – such as Emma’s hair and famous bow.

Bundaberg mum Lindsey Mortensen has been cooking Wiggles themed treats.
Bundaberg mum Lindsey Mortensen has been cooking Wiggles themed treats.

While juggling parenthood and working in a nursing home Lindsey still found time to follow her passion for creating sweet treats.

In January she opened Caneland Cookies and now the biscuit business is booming.

“I like to freelance and try new things but between kids, working and orders I don’t find much time to do my own thing,” Lindsey said.

Between baking and decorating it took Lindsey just over one full day with not many breaks to create the eight cookies.

The pair hope there will be a chance at today's concert to give The Wiggles the cookies.

Later this month Djuki Mala will also perform at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.