LifestyleNovice chefs cook up a storm

Novice chefs cook up a storm

Cooking up a storm
Participants cooking up a storm.

With aprons on and recipes at the ready, 10 gentlemen, aged between 69 and 92 years of age, have been busy cooking up a storm to improve skills and build confidence.

Bundaberg Regional Council partnered with Relationships Australia to offer the cooking classes for gentlemen during Seniors Month.

The program allowed the budding chefs to cook a variety of dishes from chicken stir fry to chocolate mousse.

Participant Rainer Gehrmann said although he was not a novice in the kitchen, developing his people skills had been invaluable.

Working in pairs allowed the men to bond which had the kitchen filled with laughter and camaraderie.

“For me the main thing is the social skills,” he said.

“A lot of gentlemen our age are losing their wives in different ways, like sickness or completely, so they become reliant on themselves.

Cooking up a storm - Warwick and Rainer
Warwick Baxter and Rainer Gehrmann.

“With the people and teaching skills, I’m learning to interact with people my age and that has helped me a lot.”

Over the five-week program participants had the opportunity to cook a wide variety of meals, from dinners to dessert.

Taking the opportunity to learn some new skills in the kitchen was a no-brainer for Warwick Baxter, who said he loved the program.

“You’re cooking in pairs so you’re getting to know your partner,” he said.

“Some of us have skills and some don’t, so you’re learning new skills and how to prepare different types of meals.

“Personally, I think it’s been a great program and I have really enjoyed it and I feel the others have as well.”

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