Grill Station will tempt taste buds at Bundy Flavours

Mouth-watering grilled meats at Bundy Flavours

Grill Station at Bundy Flavours
Barbecues Galore Bundaberg owners Noreen Brier and David Carter are sponsoring the 2019 Bundy Flavours event.

All of your senses will be delighted at this year’s Bundy Flavours on 6 July 2019 when Barbecues Galore Bundaberg sets up its Grill Station.

Local cooks are set to tantalise the crowd with delicious aromas and tastes, and first-hand information on how to barbecue like a pro.

The popular annual event celebrates everything grown, produced, brewed, distilled and created in the Bundaberg Region.

The Grill Station program will feature some well-known cooks and local produce, seafood and beer.

After its successful launch last year, Barbecues Galore Bundaberg owner David Carter said he was excited to continue sponsorship of the stage, enabling Bundaberg Regional Council to broaden the food and cooking experience on the day.

“We will be offering a demonstration about how easy it is to barbecue, with the emphasis on barbecuing being more than just meat,” David said.

Taking to the stage completely dedicated to the art of outdoor cooking will be Lighthouse Hotel, Seafood Smokery, Artisan Barbecue and Bargara Brewing and of course the crew from Barbecues Galore Bundaberg.

“In Bundaberg, any time of the year, you can step out into your backyard and live,” David said.

“We have the best of both worlds with our climate and fresh produce.

“It’s such a wonderful way to cook with friends and family.

“It creates great atmosphere, it’s nice and easy, and you can still cook something delicious and healthy.”

A word from the Grill Station cook

Artisan Barbecue owners Tom and Nat Espinoza, along with their close mates, Rhys Kummerow and Colin Wedel, will have three courses paired with the perfect beverage from Bargara Brewing Company when they hit the stage at lunchtime.

Tom Espinoza from Artisan Barbecue is getting ready to cook up a feast at Bundy Flavours.

With Tom’s love of food he found more people were moving away from the typical wine and food events especially now that craft beer was more popular.

He said with the great range and full flavours of local craft beer it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate beer and barbecue, instead of food and wine.

With a science background working in waterways, Tom said both his passions of food and science were different, but shared common factors when it came down to it.

He said it was important to make sure you had the right ingredients to match the flavours not only in the meal, but also the beverage to ensure the dishes worked perfectly.

It's in a name

The artisan name comes from the meaning of traditionally made or non-mechanised way of using high-quality ingredients.

With South American heritage Tom said barbecuing and food ran in his blood and it’s something that excites him, especially when sharing cooking details with others.

Traditionally he said the men of the family would cook with fire, while the women would take care of the recipes. Tom enjoys taking lessons from both sides to produce well-cooked and tasty barbecue.

Tom hopes to share all of this with the crowd at Bundy Flavours.

What’s on the Grill Station menu

Bargara Brewing Company will be pairing three of their beers with Artisan Barbecue’s food at the Grill Station on the day.

While not wanting to give too much away, it’s understood the Blacktail Stout will make an appearance in the third course.

Three course from Artisan Barbecue?

Course 1. Half shell scallops with salsa verde: sweet scallop with hits of lemon, coriander and green chilli in the salsa.

Course 2. Lamb cutlets: just salted.

Course 3. Spanish black sausage with garlic aioli: sweet spiced blood sausage with a lemony garlicy aioli.

Tom said the atmosphere at the Bundy Flavours event always set the mood for a fun day out, enjoying great local produce and beverages.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s Community and Cultural Services portfolio spokesperson Cr Judy Peters said Bundy Flavours would feature producers, creators, chefs and brewers.

“Bundy Flavours is your one-stop-shop for a wide variety of locally created or produced goods,” Cr Peters said.

The free Bundy Flavours event will feature food and market stalls and a range of cooking demonstrations from 7am to 2pm on Saturday, 6 July in Alexandra Park.