Rob Callander retires after 46 years in local government

Mayor Jack Dempsey thanks Rob Callander for his dedication and wishes him a happy retirement.
Mayor Jack Dempsey thanks Rob Callander for his dedication and wishes him a happy retirement.

After 46 years in local government finance, the last 18 of which were served in the Bundaberg Region, revenue manager Rob Callander has retired.

The Mayor and Councillors today joined staff to farewell Rob who had previously worked with three councils in Southern Africa and one in New Zealand before moving with his family to Australia.

Rob Callander was appointed revenue manager at the Burnett Shire Council and continued in the position with Bundaberg Regional Council after amalgamation.

He has seen significant changes since the beginning of his career.

“When I first started work it was literally a very different world, no computers, internet, photocopiers, mobile phones and digital devices,” Rob said.

“Internal office communication was done on hand-written memos, and external letters were hand written and sent to a typing pool.

“The most modern office appliance was a calculator with a pull-down handle.”

Mayor Jack Dempsey said Rob had been a vital part of Council’s finance team for many years.

“Rob has been a part of the strong foundation for this and many previous Councils and we thank him for his professionalism, dedication and hard work,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“We wish Rob and wife Joan all the best for their future.”

Rob Callander retires with plans to keep busy

While Rob Callander is very much looking forward to retirement he said he would miss working at Bundaberg Regional Council.

“I think everyone at Council should be very proud of the amazing and positive difference we make to our community,” he said.

There won’t be much time for rest in Rob Callander's retirement plans with the avid videographer planning to get back into ballroom dancing, learn to play the guitar and piano, and spend more time with his family.

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