Questacon Smart Skills program visits Gin Gin

Questacon Smart Skills
The Questacon Smart Skills tour is visiting Gin Gin State High School.

The Questacon Smart Skills tour is visiting Gin Gin State High School today.

Questacon Smart Skills facilitators Michaela Ripper and Jessica Brosnan and Gin Gin students will solve a series of innovation challenges using simple, everyday materials and objects to creatively replace a mouse and keyboard to control a computer program.

During the Creative Controllers workshop, students will use Android tablets to explore the design process to think, make, try and refine their ideas, and consider how the different ways people interact with an interface can completely change the user experience.

Developed by Questacon, Smart Skills is a free program that travels regional Australia delivering in-school inquiry-based workshops to create an awareness of technology, engineering and design thinking among young Australians.

The tour will visit 34 schools throughout Queensland.

Questacon Smart Skills is supported by The Ian Potter Foundation and Samsung.

Smart Skills is a major component of the $14.5 million Questacon Smart Skills Initiative funded by the Australian Government and The Ian Potter Foundation.