Smart phones: Understanding your battery life

By following a few simple steps you could be getting more out of your phone's battery life.
By following a few simple steps you could be getting more out of your phone's battery life.

If there is one consistent feature across all forms of technology it is the need for a power source.

For smart phones of all brands (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Oppo, etc) this is a lithium ion battery.

Tech Talk

A smart phone with no charge is not smart at all. For this reason understanding your battery is very important.

We all know the basics. A battery (phone) needs to be charged and when we use it is consumes this charge. When it is flat we plug it back in and it gains charge again.

The question is, have you ever actually thought about the right and wrong way to treat your battery?

How can you extend battery life?

There or some basic hints that will lead to a longer battery life and better health.

Don’t get too hot or cold. Temperature extremes aren’t kind to lithium Ion batteries, particularly extreme heat.

This is common if you leave your phone in the car on a hot day.

It is bad for the battery and the device in general so avoid where possible.

Fast chargers

You wouldn’t enjoy being fed a whole day's food intake in one go and your phone doesn’t either.

Yes they have their place and sometimes we need that juice in a short timeframe, but where possible using a slow charger is better than a fast charger.

Draining flat

Most batteries don’t like being run completely flat and lithium ion are no different.

These batteries are happiest around the 50 per cent mark so trying to charge once they get to around 20 per cent and stop charging before 100 per cent will give you best performance.

Obviously phones know when they are full but batteries still prefer to be kept away from the extremes.

The idea of caring for your battery may sound strange, but really it is only you who will benefit.

Being kind to your battery will reward you with more reliable access to your ever necessary smart phone.


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