Fairymead pump upgrade a win for environment

Fairymead Sewer Pump Station
The Fairymead Sewer Pump Station upgrade means wastewater is now being treated through a more environmentally friendly process.

Wastewater for about 1600 residents in North Bundaberg is now being treated by a more environmentally friendly process following the upgrade of the Fairymead Sewer Pump Station.

Bundaberg Regional Council water and wastewater spokesman Cr Jason Bartels said those residents would now be serviced by the Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Fairymead Sewer Pump Station rising main
The Fairymead Sewer Pump Station upgrade involved installing 3.5km of pipeline in low -ying waterlogged areas.

“By upgrading the pump station and diverting wastewater to Rubyanna, Council is now able to decommission the ageing North Wastewater Treatment Plant,” Cr Bartels said.

“This plant was commissioned in 1982, and because of its age, the wastewater it treated was classified as a secondary treatment level by modern standards.

“Its closure is a win for the environment with the Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant equipped to produce a higher level of effluent quality with significantly reduced nutrients being released.” 

The Fairymead Sewer Pump Station upgrade project included the installation of new pumps, a new switchboard and a sewer pressure main. 

“The installation of the main in particular proved quite difficult to install. 

“It involved 3.5km of pipeline in low-lying, waterlogged areas.

“With the updated pumps, switchboard and the connection to the rising main that goes across the river this wastewater will now be delivered direct to Rubyanna.”