Community fills main street for Gaslight Parade

Melbourne couple Nigel and Georgina Wooster have detoured from Sydney to through Bundaberg to attend the National Veteran Vehicle Rally
St Helena couple Nigel and Georgina Wooster have detoured from Sydney to through Bundaberg to attend the National Veteran Vehicle Rally

The Bundaberg Region community filled the CBD last night as the National Veteran Vehicle Rally rolled through Bourbong Street for the Gaslight Parade.

More than 150 vehicles participated in the Gaslight Parade with car enthusiasts dressed in their best Edwardian garments impressing the gathered onlookers.

Veteran Car Club of Australia Queensland president Peter Arnold said the rally so far had been brilliant and the Bundaberg Region had welcomed the car enthusiasts with open arms.

“We are stopping and visiting a lot of the areas in the region, including people’s homes,” Peter said.

“The community is very welcoming and just a wonderful place to visit.”

The long way home

While some people take the ‘back way’ home from work, Melbourne couple Nigel and Georgina Wooster have “detoured” from Sydney through to Bundaberg to attend the National Veteran Vehicle Rally and were excited to be part of the Gaslight Parade.

Cruising in their 1917 Dodge Brothers Roadster Nigel and Georgina’s love for vintage and veteran vehicles goes the extra mile as they build their lifestyle around their hobby.

“I had to go to work in Sydney, so we are doing this on the way home,” Nigel said with a wink.

“We have been in Bundaberg for a week and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

“We have been to the rum factory and done a lot of touristy stuff, but we are more interested in travelling the country roads to see the scenery and places that are less known.

The couple, from St Helena, Victoria, often participate in veteran vehicle rallies and Georgina said the Bundaberg community had been very accommodating.

“The locals have been really, really excited and the kids at the local schools just love it,” she said.

“We love teaching the next generation about these types of cars.

Nigel said with the vehicles being so old the younger generations weren’t always aware of the history and it was something he wanted to be passed down.

“Grandchildren keep us young, that and I act like a five-year-old!” Nigel said.

“We have 11 grandchildren and a great-grandchild on the way in November.

“We don’t have enough seats to take them all and one in particular Zac, in Adelaide, wants the car and he is only eight.”

The Roadster is classed as Veteran

“We have had this Roadster for two years and they are very hard to come by,” Nigel said.

“There are three Roadsters here at this rally and it’s quite remarkable to be able to get three in the one place at the one time.”

“We have enjoyed the Queensland side of things so much we have joined two clubs here as well as the clubs we are in down south.

“This year we have been to 11 rallies, including Hervey Bay and Dalby.”

Nigel said next year he would turn 70 and he had tried retiring a number of times, but his boss insisted he stay and travel for work, taking the Dodge along with him of course.

“We don’t fly for work, we drive, and Georgina comes with me, obviously part of the deal,” he said.

National Veteran Vehicle Rally
Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey, with Linda and Peter Arnold and Malcolm Roy at the National Veteran Vehicle Rally

Veteran Vehicle Gaslight Parade a fantastic occasion for Bundaberg Region

Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey said it was an honour to have the National Veteran Vehicle Rally come to the Bundaberg Region and the Gaslight Parade was exceptional.

“How fantastic to see the community coming out in such large numbers and supporting the veterans rally,” he said.

“We are so privileged and honoured to be able to have the national rally here in the first time in its history to be outside of a major city.

“And to see people who have travelled from all around the world to be here with their vehicles is just a great testament to the organisers.

“It’s taken two years to get this event here and the community can still take in the sights of the old vehicles by going to the Botanic Gardens on Sunday for the picnic.”

Mayor Dempsey said it was a once in a life time opportunity to see the vehicles of yesteryear.

“I am just so glad, the participants who have come from all around Australia and overseas have just been amazed by the amount of Bundaberg people who have turned out, you can see by the thousands of miles that they have travelled has been so worthwhile to come here.”

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  1. I was fortunate to take part in the parade, riding in a 1912 Buick which has been in my garage the whole week.

    It was incredible to see wall to wall people as we slowly threaded our way along Bourbong Street… I absolutely loved it.

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