Police Remembrance Day honours fallen officers

Retired Officer Mick Harvey, Det Sgt Cameron Schneider and
Snr Sgt Glenn Cameron.
Retired police officer Mick Harvey, Det Sgt Cameron Schneider and Snr Sgt Glenn Cameron.

Police officers from across the Bundaberg Region today paid respects to fallen colleagues at the National Police Remembrance Day march and ceremony.

National Police Remembrance Day is held every year to honour those who have lost their lives and to ensure the magnitude of their sacrifice is never forgotten.

Following a candlelight vigil last night, police officers today gathered at the Uniting Church on Barolin Street.

Bundaberg Police Inspector Pat Swindells addressed the crowd and said National Police Remembrance Day was the most significant day on the policing calendar.

“To this day, Queensland Police Service has lost 147 officers,” he said.

“Today is an important day to honour and remember and thank the families of those that have fallen and given their lives in the line of duty.

Inspector Swindells said every day police officers displayed bravery, courage, decisiveness, skill, dedication and diligence.

“Each officer's job may differ slight but at the beginning of each shift, they all face the uncertainty of what lays ahead,” he said.

“During this time, as a service we have seen and are very grateful for the support of the Queensland community.”

police remembrance day
Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey and Senior Sargent Michael McGarry .

Mayor pays respects to police officers

Bundaberg Region Mayor and former police officer Jack Dempsey attended the event and laid a wreath to honour the fallen officers during the ceremony.

“When the dark veil of evil comes over our community, police are there to shine a light of hope, safety and confidence,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“It's a time to pay our respects and acknowledge the great work of the officers in keeping our community safe.”

“Today we get the chance to not only remember the three officers who have lost their lives serving the community this year, but to also say thank you our current officers and their families who make the sacrifice every day in sending their loved ones out on a shift in which they don't know what will happen.”

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