This One Time At Band Camp supports Polished Man

This One Time At Band Camp will be supporting the Polsihed Man campaign through a special Bundaberg event held at Oodies Cafe tonight.
This One Time At Band Camp will be supporting the Polsihed Man campaign through a special Bundaberg event held at Oodies Cafe tonight. Photo: Facebook

Bundy's Polished Men Fundraiser event is hosted by Oodies Cafe this Friday night with some great entertainment lined up for the event.

An intimate acoustic set from Scott and Adrian from This One Time At Band Camp will be feature, with the duo joined by Laura from Driftwood and performances by Michael Dart, upcoming local singer/songwriter Destinee Lythall-Webb, the Drama Queens and even a ventriloquist.

The goal is to raise awareness to help end violence against children and hopefully hit the goal of raising $2000 for Polished Man, which raises funds and awareness for violence against children.

This One Time At Band Camp

Guitarist and vocalist for the band Adrian joined the Polished Man campaign alongside the other men from Pub Rock Choir in October

The group will be painting one nail blue to spark a conversation and raise awareness for children affected by violence and gain donations from fundraising to allow for trauma recovery and prevention for children around the world.

You can get involved by donating, painting a blue nail in support, or attending our event held at Oodies tonight, with meals from 5.30pm and entertainment starting at 6.15pm.

“Band Camp” is made up of Adrian Brookes, Scott Rub, Seb Harris and Dane Costigan.

“All of the members can play guitar and bass, with a few of us able to hold a decent beat behind the kit or play some piano too,” Adrian said.

Friendship spurs band creation

Scott and Adrian have known each other since Year 4 and started a band together in high school, they also wrote and recorded a couple EP’s together in 2006/07.

“We’ve all come to know each other from other musical acts and mutual friends around town and the railway jam sessions, where we met Seb while looking for a bassist to start gigging back in 2014,” Adrian said.

The musician currently writes for Little Devotional and is joined by Seb and Dane in band form and Dane has been writing and performing his own originals for a fair while too.

Dane plays in multiple bands around Bundy.

Adrian also plays in acoustic duo, Driftwood and takes on bass duties for The Crush and Brendan Egan Band.

“We love getting on stage and throwing the world away for a few hours to jump about and get people jumping too, and love a good mosh in The Club Hotel beer garden,” Adrian said.

“One ‘must do' at Band Camp gigs is to end the night with “Killing In The Name Of” while jumping around like maniacs and screaming along with the punters.”

Polished Man event

This Friday night is going to be a completely different side of the band with Scott and Adrian taking on an intimate acoustic feel for the evening.

You will see fantastic entertainment enjoy delicious food and have a truly great night while doing some good for the community and children around the world.

For tickets and more information on Fridays Bundy's Polished Men Fundraiser event click here.

And to find out when and where This One Time At Band Camp are playing next or to book the crew, cruise over to their Facebook page and let them know the Bundy Gig Guide sent you.